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Resin bond Products

resin bond cutting wheels

resin bond cutting wheels

Our diamond and CBN cutting wheels are used for Mono Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Silicon, Sapphire ,Quartz, Specialty glasses, and a variety of other hard compounds and ceramics.

Name : resin bond cut - off wheels
Application: hard and brittle materials
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Resin bond cutting wheels (dicing blades)  with the characteristic of vertical consumption can efficiently reduce the occurrence of grain deformation and improve the cutting quality and efficiency on hard and brittle materials.

Features of resin bond cutting wheels:

Improve the cutting quality and efficiency

Chip free cutting, Cuts faster

Good surface finish

Applications of resin bond cut-off wheels:

Hard and Brittle Materials. Such as Ceramics, Optical Glass, Quartz Tubing Rods, Splitter, IR Filter, QFN, Carbide, Ultra Hard Steels and Metals .Resin Bond is the softest of all the bonds, used in applications that require a smooth surface finish.

The specifications of resin bond cutting wheels:

1A1R cutting wheels 1A1R diamond and CBN cutting wheels

OD (mm)50 - 200 mm
Grit Size200 - 5000 #
Thickness (mm)0.1 - 2.0 mm (Based on diamond grit size)
Other size can be made according to customers

we can also supply the following types: 1A1 1L1 14A1 1FF1 1F1 1EE1V 1V9 1A6Q 1A1R 1E6Q 14E6Q 14EE1 14E1 1DD1 4B1 1A8 etc


    resin bond cutting wheels
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