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Diamond Dressing Tools

Diamond Dressers are made with natural diamond and synthetic materials. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels.

Mainly four types of diamond dressing tools: Single point diamond dressers ; Multi point diamond dressers; Forming diamond dressers ; Impregnated diamond dressers.

Single point diamond dressers

   Single point diamond dressers

Application: straight dressing grinding wheel with simple profile,dressing vitrified bonded abrasive wheels or resin bond for various grinding, thread and gear grinding.

Multi point diamond dressers

Multi point diamond dressers

Multi point diamond dressers

Application: dressing precision grinding vitrified or resin bonded grinding wheels.

The burden of impact on tools is distributed over several points, they wear more slowly and evenly, and seldom chip, burn or fail until they are used up.





 chisel type Forming diamond dressers

chisel type

Application: for forming accurate radii and forms on grinding wheels, angle, radius and profile dressing. 

Two types of forming diamond dressers: chisel type and cone type.

cone type Forming diamond dresserscone type

 Impregnated diamond dressers

    Impregnated diamond dressers

Application: centerless, cylindrical surface grinding

Diamond impregnated tool consists of a diamond powder bound in a sintered metal.

*Other specifications diamond dressing tools can be produced according to customers requirements 


In addition to diamond dressing tools above, More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd also supplies :

*  Diamond dressing rolls                       *  Diamond dressing wheel     

diamond dressing rolls                                            diamond dressing wheel


*Oil Stone, Dressing Stick                     * PDC cutters for wheel dressing

   Oil Stone, Dressing Stick for grinding wheel dressing                                  PDC cutters for dressing wheel



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