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Diamond / CBN grinding disc, pellet grinding wheel

Diamond / CBN grinding disc, grinding wheel

More Superhard' s diamond / CBN grinding disc including resin diamond / CBN grinding disc, vitrified diamond / CBN grinding disc, double-disc surface grinding disc, pellet grinding wheel and so on.

           resin diamond grinding disc                                                  vitrified diamond /CBN grinding disc                   

  Resin diamond / CBN grinding disc                        Vitrified diamond / CBN grinding disc                  

              double-disc surface grinding wheel                                                        pellet grinding wheel

 Double-disc surface grinding wheel                             Pellet grinding wheel

More Superhard's diamond / CBN grinding discs have the much stable performance and good surface roughness. We can provide the whole resolution system for products grinding , especially the solution for high-precision grinding and the high quality double-width grinding wheels.  

Application fields of diamond/ CBN grinding disc:

Diamond / CBN grinding disc, grinding wheel


engineering ceramics, double metal composite sheet


cemented carbide, metal ceramic

Magnetic materials

soft ferrite,  NdFeB magnetic.

High pressure vane pump

blade, rotor, stator

Air conditioning compressor parts

Cylinder Block (Grey Cast Iron Or Nodular Cast Iron), Sleeve (Alloy Cast Iron), Slide  (High Speed Steel) , piston.


Automobile, motorcycle piston ring, engine thrust plate 

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