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The dressing of super abrasive grinding wheel

The dressing of super abrasive grinding wheel are commonly divided into two steps, including shape forming and sharpening. The shape forming is to cut the grinding wheel slightly to achieve the required geometrical shape and accuracy and break the tip pf abrasives slightly, forming the tiny edge; the sharpening step is to remove the bond among abrasives, making clearance for debris, abrasives out of the bond and form the cutting edge. 

As for the multi-stoma vitrified super abrasive wheel( including diamond and CBN grinding wheel), duo to the bond is spongy, commonly, the shape forming and dressing can be completed at a time; however, for the compact bondlike resin and metal) made grinding wheel, these two steps should be implemented separately. 

Diamond dressing tools is the most efficient shape forming tools for the super abrasive grinding wheel. Dressing with the single crystal diamond, because of the weariness of dressing tool, often affect the surface accuracy. If you use diamond roller for dressing, you can avoid dressing tool wearing too fast and achieve good grinding wheel appearance. The feeding accuracy of dresser is required to be higher and the amount of feeding should be controlled in micron level at a time. Excessive dressing will both affect the grinding quality, and greatly reduce the service life of the grinding wheel.

There are many dressing methods, including mechanical method (such as corundum block cut-in dressing and hydraulic spraying dressing method) and electrical discharge machining method. The latter is more often used in metal bond grinding wheel. With the grinding wheel as anode, it is dressed by electrical discharge or electrolytic process will remove the metal bond; Adding bond with graphite powder is also suitable for resin, vitrified bond grinding wheel.

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