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How To Effectively Improve The Quality Of Diamond Saw Blade Core Technology Program


Nowadays, many enterprises faced with this serious problem, so how can we change this? As a business how do you improve your own way. Want to do long, you would first need to make a good product, so that we can have a good reputation, and get recognition.

Now with the development of decorative materials market, greatly increasing demand for stone, stone processing, demand for diamond tools is also growing. However, the current quality of diamond saw blade on the market many companies is not satisfactory. Often start very sharp, half diamond blades don't cut very well off, a serious, or cutting a small number one work saw the title multiple times, the cutting efficiency is not high.


1. The improvement of diamond grain size ratio:

Traditional Proportioning, head to sharp, use plenty of coarse diamond, otherwise use fine-grained diamond. But still not up to the best efficiency. High hardness and elastic modulus of diamond surgery, difficulties in plastic deformation in high temperature sintering. Choose a ratio, increase the packing density of the sintered diamond grains before, in the interest of improving abrasion ratio is.


2. Using ultrafine powders and pre-alloyed powder.

 Ultrafine powder helps to reduce sintering temperature, increase body stiffness. Pre-alloyed powder, through three dimensional mixing, powder and air contact time is greatly reduced, preventing premature loss of low melting point metal and segregation, and contribute to improve the strength of sintered products to increase diamond retention.


3. The correct welding proces.

Diamond circular saw blade using high-frequency welding machine welding, weld prone to head a second "burn" and the cutter head. Not only security and affecting production and should therefore be used high-strength, permeability of silver solder for welding processing and production.

4. Production stable, coarse granule, good thermal stability (TI and TFI close) of high strength diamond.

Diamond saw blade is essentially composed of diamond and matrix under certain conditions fixed to the substrate, rely mainly on diamond grinding, cutting and processing different stone. Therefore, raw materials (diamond) the quality, size and concentration of diamond tool plays a decisive role.

5. Through on diamond surface plating covered a layer strong carbon compounds, formed metal, as plating, and titanium, and chrome, and nickel, and tungsten,, to improve diamond with tire body powder of key collection, and conducive to prevent diamond in high temperature sintering Hou of oxidation and graphite of; addition also can through in tire body powder in the, added few strong carbon powder elements, as: Mo, and chrome, and tungsten powder.

6. The elements of high carbon powder, diamond pullout. Processing of diamond saw blades, knife matrix if you have good holding force on diamond, diamond exposure and good will not fall off prematurely, cutting sharp, high efficiency. Because this type of powder of gold, just better wetting of the stone and affinity, when sintering metal surface charring diamond and matrix alloys and chemical bonding of metals and diamond and matrix metallurgical combine, thus greatly improving carcass on the diamond and the holding force.


7.With cold press sintering technology, vacuum atmosphere sintering.

By cold-pressing and sintering of the cutter is very sharp in the sawing process, productivity increased a lot, and prevents vacuum atmosphere sintering powder oxidation, sintering, which improved cutter performance and extend the life of the graphite mould, also reduces production costs.

8.Adding rare earth elements in matrix powder (such as lanthanum, cerium, etc).

Can significantly reduce the binder properties, diamond saw blade cutting efficiency.

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