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Advantages and Disadvantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel



Advantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel: Electroplating process is simple, with less investment and easy fabrication; It doesn't need to do dressing and is easy to use; Single-layer structure determines that it can achieve high working speed, and it has reached as high as 250 ~ 300 m/s abroad; Although there is only a single-layer diamond, but still enough life; For high precision roller and grinding wheel, the electroplating is the only manufacturing method. Because of these advantages, high speed and ultrahigh speed grinding of electroplated grinding wheel has dominated the undisputed leading role.

Disadvantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel: Electroplated diamond grinding wheel also has some disadvantages,There is no strong chemical metallurgical bonding between plating metal and matrix and abrasive surface. In fact, abrasive grains are only covered and embedded plating metal. Thus, the holding force is small, and diamond particles have heavier load and easily fall off when high efficiency grinding, which will cause the overall failure; To increase the holding force, it is necessary to increase the plating thickness. As a result, the chip space is reduced, and grinding wheels will easily be blocked, and then they will have poor cooling effect and easy to burn.

At present, domestic electroplated grinding wheel manufacturing has not achieved the best topography of grinding wheel in accordance with the requirements of processing conditions and optimized design. These inherent disadvantages of single-layer electroplated diamond grinding wheel will inevitably limit its application of high efficiency grinding greatly. If you want other kinds of high quality diamond grinding wheel or grinding wheel, please visit our company:  Henan More SuperHard Products Co,.Ltd.

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