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Vitrified (Ceramic) Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond grinding wheel are the high hard brittle substances "professional" tool of grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics and gemstone. Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into the resin binder and vitrified (ceramic) bond. And vitrified (ceramic) bond has more application advantages.


Let's look at the prospects of diamond grinding wheels industry:

Vitrified(ceramic) binder grinding wheels have the common advantages of diamond and the ceramic. Compared with common corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheel, its grinding strength is strong and grinding wheel wear is small. And the low temperature is needed when grinding.

Vitrified (ceramic) grinding wheels can adapt to all kinds of coolant and have good stability in the shape. And it has more pores in the grinding wheel, which is beneficial to removal and cooling, and is difficult to jam or burn artifact.


Vitrified (ceramic) bond grinding wheels have good sharpness, long dressing time and easy dressing.

In summary, We have known the advantage of grinding wheels, and also can predict that prospects of grinding wheels. If you have any question, please click here: Henan More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd (

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