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Analysis on Constant Development of Grinding Technology

Why grinding technology can get constant development? We can learn about it from the following aspects:

A, High machining accuracy :grinding has incomparable characteristics compared with other processing methods. For example, there are lots of abrasive grains on the grinding wheel and lots of cutting edges whose geometrical shapes are different; It can produce machining stress in smaller local processing; Abrasives products are not very sensitive to changes of intermittent cutting and the workpiece hardness; Grinding wheel can realize online sharpening, etc. Thus, it can make machined parts get high processing precision.

B, High machining efficiency : for example, the grinding depth of creep feed deep grinding, can reach 0~25 mm; Dressing grinding wheel into the required shape only needs one time. When the Vs is further improved, the machining efficiency will be higher.

C, The development of engineering materials : many materials (such as ceramics, glass, etc.) expand unceasingly in the industrial application, and some materials can only need grinding processing, so new grinding technology and corresponding grinding process are necessary.

D, New abrasives products :   the emergence of synthetic diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel, is expanding the application range of grinding process.

E, The development of related technologies: for example, grinding wheel manufacturing technology, control technology, the drive technology of moving parts, supporting technology, etc. promote the development of grinding technology and grinding equipment.

In brief, grinding technology develops very fast, which plays a very important role in machining. At present, the development trend of grinding technology is the development of superhard abrasives products, precision and ultra-precision grinding, high performance grinding mechanism and new grinding technology, high precision and high rigidity automatic grinding machine.

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