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CBN cutter (grinding) tools

1. Play the leading role of research institute in CBN cutting (grinding) tools:

At present, there are many domestic CBN manufacturers, production quantity is also much. However, the quality is not very good and stable, users of CBN cutting (grinding) tools are less. The reason are mainly as below: the mechanical processing departments lack knowledge about the choice and use of expensive CBN cutter (grinding) tools, actual effect of CBN tools is not good, under the condition of economic austerity, they are afraid of rashly investing and testing. To solve the problems, only when the CBN cutting (grinding) institute actively cooperate with machinery manufacturing production units,   and choose the weak links of production efficiency and quality that are easy to create CBN processing places, and conclude a contract for the joint development of CBN application in consultation with the users. The tool development unit is responsible for the free trial use of CBN cutting (grinding) tools, the users are responsible for organizing production test under the required condition. This exerts a more active roles of many parts, from CBN quality selection to the tool manufacturing, are carried out at the best and fastest speed. From experimental condition preparation to use, users can see the result reach the target value of the contract without test fee, and solve the production problems, which is easy to promote. Tools research center (institution) can also gradually recovery their income in the future, as long as the both sides keep reciprocity, mutual benefit, their cooperation will be stronger. More Super Hard has developed a lot of new technology with several research institutes (school) in this way.

2. Achievement of the joint development of three points and one Line, that is, CBN--tools manufacturing--users or CBN and tools manufacturing--grinding machines--joint development of the CBN application:

There are many machining difficulties in the machine processing, though they can be solved by CBN tools, but currently, it can not be completed by any individual domestic enterprise. Because, not all CBN tools own excellent and versatile processing capability. We have ever used the CBN inserts to machine fine boring boron cast iron cylinder liner, while the result is not better than the new type ceramic inserts. Reasons are various, for example, whether the quality of CBN, content, brand specification and bond are suitable for the machining of boron cast iron? The factors affecting the grinding results are much more, in addition to the quality of materials, matching and the manufacturing technology, the using conditions and technology are also important. For example, the grinding speed (high speed grinding), good grinder rigid, vibration-free, automatic fine feeding, dressing compensation mechanism, appropriate grinding parameters and coolant are the complementary important factors. By the joint efforts of related the parties, they can improve the quality of their own products, promote mutually, thus they can apply the CBN tools and equipment for the production successfully.

3. Actively carry out researches on CBN inserts and grinding tools manufacturing and applying technology:

Users want to use effective and practical CBN tools, therefore, the tools manufacturing enterprises are required that, in addition to improving manufacturing technology of CBN tools as soon as possible, they are also required to establish clear identification standards and methods of product quality, the distribution of certain performance parameters, such as the CBN content, brand, hardness, precision and concentration. The production and application test on the basis of this, can maximize the user's experience in production,  comparative analysis on the different cutting parameters and the processing results of coolant, making the CBN tools improve substantially. Application scope, using conditions and matching technical support of application (such as equipment and coolant etc), users can make correct selection and use of CBN tools.

4. Users need to raise their awareness of product quality, be creative in improving manufacturing techniques:

The 21st century is an high technology era. Products with high-performance, high-quality can gain market share, and be volatile in business. Therefore, we should raise manufacturing technology as soon as possible. And promotion of CBN tools to improve manufacturing technology is a powerful measure, which not only requires strong funding and support from the relevant authorities. Organized and planned gradual promotion of technical support of CBN tools should be implemented. Meantime, users are also required to accept new materials, new technologies, and change the past production concepts and management methods, namely, cutting tools (grinding tools) with low average consumption index, are only allowed to account for about 1/100 the cost of the product, rather than to improve productivity and ensure product quality. Thus it will limit the good quality and efficient application of cutting tool (grinding tools) and the production capacity of advanced equipment. Practice has proved that, the result of CBN tools (grinding tools) can not only improve the quality of processed products, but also increase economic efficiency.

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