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Heavy cutting inserts-Unilateral cutting volume reach 1.5mm

Based on many years professional experience in super hard tools manufacturing, driven by strong team creativity, More Superhard, due to its advanced industry pioneer vision and boldness, officially launched its heavy cutting inserts in 2014. Its superior performance can save a great deal of cost for the customers, and achieve consistent high praise in market.

In machinery manufacturing industry, heavy cutting accounts for a large proportion, and the traditional PCBN inserts can not adapt well to the large feeding, high-strength cutting work. In the field of heavy processing, most of the current PCBN inserts unilateral cutting volume are less than 1 mm. The traditional-structured PCBN inserts are of low removal rate, low machining efficiency and its overall cost are high, which is embarrassing some mechanical processing enterprises.

Today, More SuperHard heavy PCBN cutting inserts come into market officially. Its novel modelling, excellent performance and extremely high cost performance, solved this problem. More SuperHard heavy cutting inserts select the high quality imported materials, adopted the advanced and mature technology to manufacture, which can realize the coarse and fine turning of the hardened steel, bearing steel, high speed steel and chilled cast iron with large quantity. The unilateral cutting volume of this heavy cutting insert   can reach mover 1.5 mm. The PCBN inserts of this cutting efficiency is rare. Moreover, the PCBN inserts is designed with the front and back sides. Its overall performance reaches a new high. By the above content, the More Superhard heavy PCBN cutting inserts is superior to traditional PCBN cutting tools in performance and cost-effective etc, which is the only choice to meet heavy cutting!

Time is money, efficiency can reduce the cost !    Henan More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd is willing to provide personalized solution as a whole for the general customers and improve processing efficiency, and improve product quality and save the cost of production!

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