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The Vacuum Brazed Methods For Diamond Tools 一 (2) electroplated diamond tools

(2)Diamond tools by electroplating methods

Diamond tools by electroplating methods and go through the metal electrodeposition process, a layer of diamond is firmly set on the metal substrate. This kind of products have the characteristics of high efficiency and high grinding accuracy. The forming grinding and precision machining tools are the main products, which are widely used in geological exploration, stone material, machinery, automotive and defense industries. Although the diamond tools produced by this way are widely used in certain industries, and achieved a certain economic benefits, there are serious shortage in the fixing technology of diamond grains, and the effective utilization rate of diamond is about 20%. It mainly manifested through that the holding force of the metal bond to diamond grains is not strong. The diamond grains are embedded mechanistically in the metal coating.

Metal ions like Ni Ni-Co or Ni - Co - Mn constantly precipitating, passing into and embedding on the cathode diamond and matrix surface, and so forth, when the deposit to a certain thickness, semi-finished products extract from the electroplating bath for subsequent processing such as overlaying and thickening, and finally finish the electroplated diamond tools. In the whole manufacturing process, diamond do not occur chemical metallurgical reactions. So, such tools are only fixed the diamond grains in the form of mechanical package. And in use, the holding force for diamond is limited. When the electroplating layer once is worn to the half height, the diamond grains will fall off naturally.

Through a large deal of observation of the use of electroplated diamond tools, we can found that there is 2/3 not peeling off diamond singularities height are deposited in electroplated metal layer. So the chip space of diamond granularity is basically fixed and relatively small. In the duration of application, jams, burn and cut in the workpieces may appear.

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