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The Vacuum Brazed Methods For Diamond Tools 一 (3)vacuum brazed diamond tools

(3)vacuum brazed diamond tools 

Brazed diamond tools is manufactured by brazing, through metal solder melting, a layer of diamond will be firmly welded on the metal substrate. The products have the characteristics of higher efficiency, long service life of single diamond and higher grinding accuracy. The main products of More Super Hard cover the electroplated diamond tools and parts of hot pressing diamond tools of coarse and medium coarse granularity. In order to avoid the low holding force, low chip capacity space and low exposed height, easiness to fall off by adopting traditional manufacturing method, we take greater advantages of mono-layer diamond tools. Since 2000, the brazing technology has been applied to the diamond tool manufacturing and achieved rapid development. As a new kind of diamond tool manufacturing method, brazing technology attracted worldwide attention. Brazing technology is different from other welding methods, because in the process of brazing, the melting temperature of solder alloy is lower than that of the parent metal. The brazing temperature should be less than the parent metal solidus and higher than solder liquidus

In term of the diamond, it requires the brazing temperature to be less than the graphitization temperature of diamond. When brazing, solder on the surface of diamond go through wetting, capillary effect, filling, spreading, then tightly wrapping diamond granularity. At the same time, chemical metallurgical combination will form between diamond and solder alloy in the form of carbides. Diamond tools made by brazing, their diamond granularity is of stronger bonding strength and the higher blade height. And thus the edge sharpness and cutting performance are improved, and chip space is fixed and larger, which is especially suitable for the high-efficiency grinding, high speed machining, hard-to-machine and precision machining. In recent years, the high temperature brazed mono-layer diamond tools have become a focus of research and development of university research institutions and manufacturers at home and abroad.

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