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The development of diamond brazing technology

Brazing technology has developed in China since 2000, experts and scholars in this industry have made a wide range of technological research and new product development in the field of brazed diamond tools, and have made gratifying progress in the equipment manufacturing, alloy powders production, and performance research and integrated production of technology of brazed tools .

2.1 In order to keep up with the development of diamond brazing technology,  proprietary high vacuum brazing furnace and operating technique of diamond tools have  been developed domestically(see figure 1). And the induction heating welding equipment , meet the technique requirement of brazing diamond tools.  

ZKR series high vacuum brazing furnace

Figure 1 ZKR series high vacuum brazing furnace

In addition, a lot of technical developing work have been done in brazing auxiliary equipment, and the standard cloth sanding machine and and uniform cloth sanding machine have been successfully developed etc. These devices have been used in the production, which laid a foundation for the production of brazing diamond tools.      

2.2 Brazing alloy powders manufacturing is critical for the diamond brazing technology. Making principles of brazing alloy powders are as below

(1) the brazing alloy is of good wettability and lower wetting angle for diamond and metal substrate; 

(2) brazing alloy owns good ductility; 

(3) brazing alloy has good climbing ability, making the diamond have  enough height and good chip capability; 

(4) brazing alloy and diamond surface will form metallurgy chemical combination, producing the strongest-structured carbide and the most reasonable carbide thickness, making it have the good holding force to diamond;

(5) brazing alloys have lower melting point to reduce the brazing temperature and thermal damage to diamond; 

(6) brazing alloy have lower cost, which is helpful to reduce the cost.

Domestic industry experts and scholars have made long-term research and development of brazing alloy powder. And currently, we developed the special brazing alloy powders for diamond tools. They are: (1) Silver based solder. Mainly comprised of Ag - Cu - Ti, because of its melting point temperature is the minimum, wettability and ductility are the best, which is often used for the welding of cutting tools, precision fine-granulation diamond and CBN high-tech products. (2) copper based solder. Mainly composed of Cu Sn - Ti, due to its low melting temperature, good wettability and ductility, it is often used for welding light-loaded diamonds, CBN products, precision fine grit diamond and CBN high-tech products. (3) the nickel based solder. Mainly composed of Ni - Cr, because of its high melting point temperature, good wettability and ductility, it is often used for welding heavy-loaded diamond products and cemented carbide products.

2.3  performance research and production of brazing tools. Domestic experts and scholars are researching and developing diamond technical equipment and brazing alloy powder, at the same time, they carried on the profound research and production of the diamond cutting tools, diamond drilling and milling tools and diamond grinding tools etc. They have been applied in multiple processing field and achieved certain experience and economic benefit.

(1) The current researching and developing brazing cutting tools involve marble, concrete, metal casting, composites, and other processing areas.  

(2)  Drilling and milling tools .The current researching, developing and producing brazing drilling and milling tools involve glass, stone, concrete, metal, composite materials, geological processing filed.   

(3) The currently researched brazing grinding tools involve wider processing sectors, with the most varieties

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