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Present problems existing in diamond brazing technology

After over ten years development of problems in brazing diamond technology, there is certain market for it. However, there is still a technical problem for brazing diamond tools, compared with the powder metallurgy hot-pressing sintering diamond tools, the service life of the brazing diamond tools are shorter, which seriously restricts the development of diamond brazing technology.

Powder metallurgy hot-pressing sintered diamond tools are of multilayer, so their service life are longer, but the diamond grains are low in utilization rate, less than 10%. The mechanism during its use is that after a period of time, edge of the diamond blades become dull and larger cutting forces on the diamonds. When the cutting forces on the diamond is larger than the holding force, this diamond grain will fall off, next layer of diamond blade appear, and then a new diamond grains continue to cut. So the diamond grains of metal bond diamond tools follows layer by layer, which ensures its long life.

Brazing diamond tools are mainly of single layer, but its holding force to diamond grains  is larger, relative to single grain, its service life is longer, and the utilization rate of diamond is relatively higher. However, no matter how to use diamond brazing diamond tools, due to it is of single layer, relative to the overall tools, its service life is shorter.

Through a lot of experiments and analysis, it can be concluded that the two main causes for the failure of brazing diamond tools haven't been solved, and these two reasons directly affects the service life of brazing diamond tools.

Firstly, the diamond grains on the market lack micro fragmentation, arrises edges of diamond, after a period of use, can only be rounded and do not appear small debris, and thus lose its sharpness, which causes the losing of working ability and failure; secondly,  the brazing alloy material body can't afford wariness for a long time, after a period of using, when the brazing alloy material body reduce to that it is failure to support the diamond grains, which will make the diamond fall off and failure to work.

However, we believe that by solving the self-sharpening of diamond and wearability of brazing material, we are able to improve the service life of the brazing diamond tools, and in theory, there is 5 times of room for improvement. So, to improve the service life of the  single diamond brazing technology is one of the important research topics need to study. 

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