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Development and progress of diamond brazing technology

After more than ten years industrialization development of the achievements and progress of diamond brazing technology are as follows:

(1) More SuperHard has mastered the diamond brazing mechanism and completed the research of it, that is, the principle of brazing diamond tools is that it uses solder forming carbide elements, such as Ti, Cr, Zr, V, W and etc. And in the process of brazing, the solder  react chemically with the diamond surface, forming a layer of carbide at the interface. With this layer of carbide, interaction like melting, infiltration, diffusion, chemical combination  on diamond, solder and substrate interface, by brazing, can form solid chemical metallurgical combination, and reinforce the holding strength of solder to the diamond. 

At the same time, in order to improve the holding force to diamond grains and effective chip space, give full play to the technical characteristics of brazing diamond, the inside experts have also completed the study on all sorts of solders carbide formed on diamond surface(nickel-based brazing solder, copper base brazing and silver soldering material of solder etc.) under different temperatures and heat preservation time conditions, comprehensive researches have been carried on, determining the carbide morphology with strongest holding force to diamond, thickness of the reactants and the best diamond morphology after welding

(2) We achieved the low-temperature solder production to reduce the thermal damage in the process of brazing without reducing the holding force of solder to substrate and diamond. The experts inside have completed the development and study on low temperature solder to weld diamond, and realized the large-scale production of low-temperature solder, which greatly reduced the damage to the diamond during brazing.

(3) We have currently improved the technological system of brazing diamond tools, and our high vacuum brazing equipment and brazing technology are matured. The induction brazing technology is in improvement.

(4) The structure has gained enough attention and there are many research fruits in tools structure, for example, we can control the distribution of diamond amist the diamond grains regularly and uniformly; Control the uniformly and equivalently coating on the blade of diamond granulations; withstand the heavy-loaded linear, array-typed, bar-typed and block-typed distribution if diamond.

(5) the adaptability of tools is more and more professional on the processing of glass, stone, concrete, metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber and composite materials etc.


 The conclusions of diamond brazing technology:

In order to improve the diamond brazing technology further, we need to closely research the  wear resistance, density and metallurgy of brazing alloy, aiming at improving the properties like service life, we have carried out the following researches:

(1) The exploration of post-processing self-sharpness technology

 we really hope that through the high temperature and high pressure synthesis technology,  we can directly produce self-sharpness diamond abrasives. However, in the real production system, we have not produced self-sharpening diamond successfully. So direct purchase of the self-sharpening diamond grains from the market are impossible. By post-processing, can we make the diamond grains own self-sharpening present? We considered it is possible. So we need to study on the diamond grains, and find out the post-processing methods for diamond re-sharpness.

(2) we have analyzed the characteristics and mechanism of all kinds of metal alloy, by analyzing all kinds of metal of brazing alloy materials, we developed new brazing materials, especially the response effect and mechanism of performance changes in the molten state, and reconfigure the new solder of different materials, thus to improve the performance of diamond tools further.

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