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High Speed CBN Grinding Wheel

Environment and resources are major issues that we are facing. To reduce waste emissions, and set up development model of production, consumption, environment and resources has become the only way for sustainable development of human society. Green manufacturing is a sustainable development mode and important features of manufacturing in the 21st century.

vitrified CBN grinding wheel for internal grinding

Speeding up the development of all kinds of green processing technology, has an important significance for protecting the environment, saving energy and resources, realizing the modernization, green and sustainable development of manufacturing industry. Green machining means making full use of resources, to reduce harmful effects to the environment in the processing without sacrificing the quality, cost, reliability, functionality and energy of products.

It needs to save raw materials and energy, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, and realize the coordination, optimization and the sustainable development among economy, society and environment. It is imperative to implement green processing in the manufacturing.

Since the 1990s, with the emergence of high speed and ultra-high speed CNC grinding machine, high speed CBN grinding wheel has replaced ordinary corundum grinding wheel. CBN grinding wheel is a kind of abrasives products with high precision, high efficiency, low consumption, low production cost, low pollution, high degree of automation and other excellent performances. It is the development direction of modern advanced abrasives products.  Automobile industry is the main application field of high speed CBN grinding wheel, especially the key parts of engine- camshaft and crankshaft machining. Conventional corundum abrasive grinding wheel is difficult to adapt to the requirements of high efficiency machining. Its durability and service life are low, and they need frequent repair and replacement, and at the same time, it also causes certain pollution to the environment, and increases the difficulty in the recycle of wear debris.

CBN wheel for camshaft grinding  camshaft  

Because huge consumption of corundum series abrasives in resources and energy, increases its adverse impact on the environment. And the application of high speed CBN grinding technology, can make the problems about resources, energy and environment problem in the traditional grinding process solved. It represents one of the main directions of abrasives products development in the world today, and is an effective way of achieving green machining and promoting the development of green manufacturing.

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