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Which will be used advanced production grinding machines for grinding high quality tools

Because professional , so outstanding. More SuperHard provides to our many users, not just a single cutting tool products, but a set of machining technological solutions.  We always believe that the advanced production and testing equipment are powerful guarantees for manufacture high quality tools.

The following, we will simple introduce how to processing high-quality cutting tool

1.Our production of PCD / PCBN cutting tools:

More SuperHard tools' raw material imported from E6 (UK).  PCD cutting tools and PCBN cutting tools in various industries such as mechanical processing Widely used, PCD / PCBN cutting tools have become such as auto parts machining, all kinds of electric tools, electrical machinery processing line Industry and other necessary processing tool.

 More information about PCD & PCBN cutting tools ,please click here: http://www.PCD-PCBN-Cutting-Tools.html

PCD / PCBN cutting tools

2. Which will be used advanced production grinding machines for grinding   high quality tools?

 a.Germany VOLLMER tool grinding machines

Germany VOLLMER tool grinding machines from More Superhard

 b. Japan FANUC tool grinding machines 

Japan FANUC tool grinding machines

c.UK COBORN RG9 C.N.C diamond grinder for grinding PCDPCBN and carbide tools 

  COBORN grinder for grinding PCD、PCBN and carbide tools

d.EWAG INSERT LINE High Precision Tool Grinding Machines

EWAG High Precision Tool Grinding Machines

e.Australia ANCA GX7  tool grinding machine

Australia ANCA GX7 tool grinding machine


f.Germany WALTER  tool grinding machine

Germany WALTER  tool grinding machine

g. ROLLOMATIC tool grinding machine


3. Precision testing equipment for grinding tools

 a.German ZOLLER

 German ZOLLER

b.Helicheck Plus

Helicheck Plus  

More SuperHard Product main purposes: a large number of silicon aluminum alloy for engine piston material processing, and the cylinder block, cylinder head, high pressure oil pump, fuel pump, water pumps, Generator rotor, starter, bushings, crank case, automotive body parts in glass, steel milling, cutting, boring and other machining. 

If you have any question about PCD / PCBN cutting tools , please contact us at any time!



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