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Electroplated CBN grinding wheel for CNC cutter

Electroplated CBN grinding wheel is mainly used for Gerber CAD Cutting Machine, Bullmer automated CNC Cutter machines,  machining metallic material such as chilled cast iron, founded alloy steel, titanium alloy and so on.   

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for machining nonmetallic materials with high rigidity like ceramics, glass, tungsten carbide, ferrite and so on.


In the Following, More SuperHard will show a real case about electroplated CBN grinding wheel.

1. Case: Poland  'Electroplated CBN grinding wheel '  customer

  • Application: Electroplated CBN grinding wheel for CNC cutter Gerber , Bullmer 
  • Material:  HSS material 64 HRC hard    
  • Way:  Dry machining
  • Abrasive : CBN (cubic boron nitride) / Borazon


electroplated CBN grinding wheel for Gerber CAD Cutting Machine

2.  Our electroplated diamond/ CBN grinding wheels are mainly parts of  USA Gerber, Germany Bullmer, Italy Morgan CNC automatic cutting, etc.

CNC Cutter machines for material handling, material flow up to automatic cutting. Universally acclaimed high-quality, precision cutting systems with sorting and distribution technology for various widths and all desired lengths with the quality mark known all over the world.

Spare and wearing parts of the topcut-bullmer cutter procut

Spare and wearing parts of the topcut-bullmer cutter procut

No.2 : Diamond / CBN (borax) Cup sharpening discs 

More information of electroplated diamond /CBN grinding wheel , please click here:  Electroplated-diamond-CBN-grinding-wheels

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