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PCD cutting tool inserts for machining mirror resin lens

We all know that PCD cutting tools have a wide range of applications. For example, processing of silicon aluminum alloy, Copper alloy, magnesium alloy, carbide, glass, ceramics, graphite, wood and wood products and other materials. Now, More SuperHard will introduce a new use of PCD cutting tool inserst.  

1. Introduction to  PCD turning cutting tools insert  for resin lens 

PCD inserts for resin lens have high hardness, high speed and wear resistance, etc. More SuperHard offers a complete range of diamond tools for the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses, intraocular lenses, contact lenses, and other optical components. Depending on the requirement profile, these tools are manufactured using natural or synthetic diamonds or polycrystalline diamond abrasives in the form of indexable insert systems or as shaft-mounted tools.

2. Features of PCD inserts for the optical resin lens:

Optimum edge design for various work materials
Edge chipping inspection (Tool microscope X 1000)

High brazing quality through vacuum brazing technique 

The diamond layer with over 1 mm thickness makes PDC cutter very high abrasion resistance. 

3.The real case of PCD inserts for resin lens :

PCD inserts for resin lens

More information about PCD inserts, please click here: PCD / PCBN cutting tools

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