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The new product of Metal CBN cutting discs for magnetic materials

Metal bond CBN cutting disc is the latest development and has been widely used in the market of high-tech products.  The new product of metal CBN cutting disc mainly solves the short life of resin cutting disc.

metal bond CBN cutting discs

Metal bond CBN cutting discs is used for magnetic materials (NdFeB),mould steel, tool steel, high speed steel (HSS), hardened steel , and other hardened ferrous material  cutting and grooving.

metal CBN cutting discs for HSS

The characteristics of Metal bond CBN cutting discs : 

long life( it is generally 3-5 times life of resin grinding wheel), 

high heat resistance ,

Very sharp.

Meanwhile, More SuperHard is also very professional in Resin diamond cutting discs / saw blade and electroplated cutting disc / saw blade.

diamond cutting discs, diamond /CBN cutting saw blade

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