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Applications and Development Status of CBN Products

The largest application of CBN products is in manufacturing CBN grinding wheel. In four bonding agents of CBN grinding wheel ( resin, ceramic, metal, electroplating), ceramic bond CBN abrasives products have the fastest growing speed. Around the world, the proportion of ceramic CBN abrasives products has risen by more than 50% from 4% in the 1980s. It really has rapid growth.


Ceramic CBN abrasives products have high efficiency, good shape retention, high durability, high utilization rate of abrasives ( more than 75% ), long life and are easy to repair and other advantages. Thus, it is the first selection of high efficiency and high precision grinding. Its applications include automobile, aerospace, oil pump, nozzle, compressor, etc.

In recent years, the application and promotion of CBN have made great progress, and related manufacturers are increased quickly.According to incomplete statistics, at present, domestic CBN manufacturers have been more than 500 companies, and a single manufacturer has used about more than 4 million carats of CBN.

What’s more, domestic PCBN cutting tools have experienced years of development, and have now formed a certain scale. Especially in the past 5 years, the rapid development of PCBN cutting tools has made the usage of CBN powder increased dramatically. There are several manufacturers of CBN monocrystal joining in the synthesis of overall PCBN in different level, which also leads to a steady increase of CBN monocrystal in production.

Tools manufacturers abroad have noticed in recent years that a large number of applications and practice have proved that our CBN products quality are stable and reliable, which can fully meet the requirements. CBN exports have also got rapid growth, and some manufacturers have 

almost gained equal domestic and export sales. Therefore, our exports of CBN could be evident.

To sum up, we can evaluate CBN production in China from the aspects such as quantity, quality and market share: We are not only a producer, 

but have entered the power now.

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