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New Cutting Material Series with Aluminium Oxide Coating


A CVD-coated cutting material series specially tailored to the demands of boring in all cast materials – GJL, GJV and GJS.  

The new cutting materials HC720, HC725, HC730 and HC735 differ in the carbide substrate used in each case. All four impress 

with their extremely heat-resistant α-aluminium oxide coating with very good coating adhesion.

Cutting edges with the new coating offer the potential for a significant increase in the cutting speed during boring, even with dry 

machining.Machining is easily possible with a cutting speed of 300m/min, thus offering a considerable boost in productivity. At the 

same time, the cutting edges achieve significantly longer tool lives, as examples in practice show: when machining GJL25, the tool 

life was tripled compared with the PVD cutting material HP455 used to date.

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