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The Development and Challenges of Abrasives Industry


Abrasives products as integral consumables of industrial production and processing, are also known as the industrial consumables that we generally said. Abrasives products are usually used in many areas, and also can be used in most industrial production and industrial processing, which have always enjoyed the reputation of “industrial teeth”. There are only two functions about abrasives products: One is the cutting and the other is grinding and polishing. Industries involved include machinery production, equipment manufacturing, automobile polishing, furniture polishing and so on.

Along with the economic development in our country, all walks of lives have great progress, which also stimulates the development of the abrasives industry. However, it also exposes some problems in the development process of abrasives industry, and the technology and product innovation, energy conservation, emissions reduction and other problems all restrict the abrasives industry. Abrasives industry has attractively low barriers to entry, which makes the entire industry scattered and full of chaos, and there is also no uniform production and quality standards.

 Abrasives products have the problem about abrasive smelting in energy conservation and emissions reduction as a special industry. The current domestic brown fused alumina has excess production capacity, and the next step policy priorities will phase out the backward production capacity of alumina industry with the implementation of the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction. In the next five years, the development tone of the abrasives industry will also be the fundamental key of whole national economic policy.

Experts think that if we want to keep healthy and orderly development of abrasives products industry, we also need to solve the following several aspects: scattered enterprise production ability, small scale, and low efficiency. At present, the scale and structure of abrasives products enterprises in our country are not reasonable. It still has low industrial concentration, and small businesses still account for a significant share; The research and development ability of new products is weak, and the domestic abrasives products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, whose technology content is low. And it lacks high-end technology products, mainly relies on import, and can only meet a third of the demand of automotive, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives and shipbuilding industry; Excess capacity and serious low product homogeneity both need to be solved, especially the alumina production.

The beginning of the 12th Five-year Plan has brought great opportunities and challenges for the development of abrasives products industry. Energy conservation and emissions reduction, and clean production will appear in the production areas of the abrasives products industry. In addition, the policies for machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, aircraft and other fields will also have great influence on the development and production of abrasives products. Abrasives products enterprises should begin from the direction of research and development of new products and technology innovation seeking breakthrough, develop high-end abrasives products, and reduce the dependence on imports. In the next five years, the development tone of abrasives products industry will also be the fundamental key of whole national economic policy.

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