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How Can Abrasives Products Dealers Avoid Elimination in 2016?

In 2016, there is a huge challenge for many abrasives products enterprises. To be or not to be, this will surely be a question. In such a "natural selection, survival of the fittest" era, if the dealers can catch up with the pace of the times, they will survive, or they will be eliminated!

In the future, there will appear a lot of manufacturing brands in the abrasives industry, whose scales are more than billion. This industry is reshuffled with an unprecedented speed over the past two years, because the market is in the reshuffle under the effect of external action. Good brands are limited, but there are abrasives dealers about nearly millions of people and the majority of them can not get good brands. Therefore, the selection of dealers is limited in the future.

This problem is that dealers are facing in the abrasives industry. It is worth noting that we do not have any advantages both on cost and quality of manufacturing industry compared with southeast Asian countries. Even compared with southeast Asian countries, our manufacturing cost is about 1 times than theirs, so the pressure of China abrasives industry is very big in the future.

As the quality of abrasives products is improved , the demand for customized and personalized product is growing so fast. Therefore, dealers should have such service ability in this respect. Dealers not only sell goods, but more important, they are irreplaceable especially in services.

In general, the outlook is actually considerable. Along with the increase of per capita income in China, China will certainly surpass the United States in the future. China has became the world's largest consumer market. This market is large enough to feed thousands of abrasives enterprises and millions of abrasives dealers.

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