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Diamond bur set for rotary tool - glass, stone, gem, jade, ceramic

More Superhard diamond points/ diamond bur set can be used for carving, grinding glass, stone, jade& gem, ceramic and other hard materials.

diamond mounted points, diamond bur set

These diamond bur set will fit your hand drill, drill press & your Rotary tool and Die grinder. And diamond Coated rotary bits are Medium Grit, (120-150 Grit) that should be used with a coolant (Water will do) to prevent overheating and extend the life of the coated abrasive.

Application of diamond bur set / diamond mounted points: 

- Lapidary

- Glass Work

- Stones Plastics and Ceramics

- Jewelry and Precious Metals

- Engraving & Etching

diamond bur set for rotary tool grinding gem

All sizes, shapes, assortments are upon your specific request. 

Besides diamond bur set / diamond mounted points, MORE SUPERHADR can supply diamond rotary cutting disc


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