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Introduction and Application of Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel are the most typical tools in superhard material, which is made of diamond or CBN as the abrasives, by means of bond or other auxiliary materials. It is made under certain production condition and is the kind of products with certain shape, properties and usage.

According to the binder type, diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel mainly can be divided into metal bond, ceramic/vitrified bond and resin bond. Along with the development of super hard material tool technology, it can process almost all of the known materials, greatly improving the machining efficiency and machining quality in the field of machinery and precision machining. Especially, it has become an important part of high speed and precision, CNC, advanced manufacturing technology such as micro machining.

The applications of diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel mainly include two fields: one is the hard brittle materials processing field, which mainly refers to the sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, magnetic material, silicon carbide, refractory material, glass, geological drilling field and other hard brittle materials processing; The other is all kinds of mechanical precision machining industry, which mainly refers to the electronic, machinery, automobile, new energy and other precision machining fields. According to different purposes, it can be divided into: diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting wheel, diamond drilling bit and other categories.

Diamond grinding wheel only relied on heavy manual work, and this low efficiency of machining has become history, instead of modern advanced processing method-mechanical and electrical integration, whose machining efficiency is greatly increased. Diamond grinding wheel is the most effective tool in a magnetic material, sapphire, silicon materials, building ceramics, stone, concrete and other hard brittle materials processing fields. Henan More SuperHard Products Co,.Ltd  is a professional manufacturer that can supply high quality diamond grinding wheel for buyers.

The production of super hard material tools has extended throughout the world. Because super hard material products are with high efficiency, energy saving, long life, and environmental friendly characteristics, its efficiency and life are higher than traditional tools.

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