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Introduction and application of diamond grinding wheel

diamond grinding wheel

Diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel are the most typical tools in superhard material. It is made under certain production condition and is the kind of products with certain shape, properties and usage. 

1. The components of diamond grinding wheel : Work layer, transition layer and matrix .

*Working layer, also known as diamond layer, composed of abrasive, bond and filler, is the working part of the wheel.

*The transition layer, also known as non-diamond layer, composed of the bond, metal powder and filler. It is the part that firmly connects diamond layer to the base.

*Matrix, used to undertake the abrasive layer, and in use with a flange firmly held in the grinding machine spindle.

2.According to bonded, what types of diamond grinding wheels are divided ?

ceramic (vitrified ) bond , resin bond, metal (Bronze) bond and electroplated.

diamond grinding wheel

3. According to grinding ways, what types of diamond grinding wheels are divided ?

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD & PCBN tools;    

                                                                   Diamond bruting wheel for natural diamond 

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PDC & PCBN tools  diamond bruting wheel for natural diamond polishing

Resin Diamond grinding wheel for thermal spray coatings tungsten carbide;   

                                                                     Diamond wheels for CNC tool grinder

resin diamond grinding wheel for thermal spraying alloy  diamond grinding wheel for CNC tool grinder

Centerless diamond grinding wheel with centerless grinder;   

                                                                      Diamond cutting disc , cutting wheel 

centerless diamond grinding wheel  diamond cutting disc , diamond wheel

* we can design and produce grinding wheel of others specification and application according to customers requirement.

4. Application of diamond grinding wheel:

Hard brittle materials processing field, which mainly refers to the sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, magnetic material, silicon carbide, refractory material, glass, geological drilling field ; tungsten carbide , PCD,PCBN ,ceramic materials, and other hard brittle materials processing.

5.Grit and concentration:

Grain size will affect the grinding efficiency and roughness of workpiece. coarse grain size is suitable for rough grinding and the fine grit size is proper for finish grinding.

The grit concentration refers to the quantity of abrasive particles per unit volume of the abrasive layer. Normally it is expressed on a scale from C25 to C200.


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