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The requirements of the super abrasive wheel for grinders

 The super abrasive grinding wheel, in its grinding and high speed grinding, need a good stability, small vibration and high line speed. So, its requirements for grinders are as follows:

  • The spindle rotating reaches a high precision.
  • The rigidity of grinders is 50% higher than that of the universal ones. Usually, it is required to be not less than 100N/μm.
  • The feed-in system needs to be highly accurate and feed-in speed keeps uniform and accurate. The vertical feed-in minimum speed should reach 0.3m/min, and 0.001~0.002mm/ trip to ensure the dimensional and geometric accuracy and the surface finish.
  • The moving parts of grinders, such as head frame spindle and bearing parts, feed guide way should be sealed reliably to prevent the superhard abrasive and accelerated weariness of machine parts.
  • The more perfect grinding fluid filtering and supplying system is required and the filtration precision should be less than 0.5 μm.
  • Every parts of the grinding machine should be offered with corresponding vibration control and isolation measures, and the grinding wheels should be finely and dynamically balanced.

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