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resin diamond wheel for flute grinding of CNC cutting tools

Advanced cutting tools are one of the important factors to improve production efficiency of the manufacturing industry. Statistics indicate that advanced cutting tools can improve production efficiency substantially by saving 10% to 15% of production costs. At the same time, advanced cutting tools can reduce changing time and improve products’ quality. Therefore, it has become a prevalent trend to do research into and apply new, advanced, and highly efficient cutting tools.


When implementing grinding process on highly efficient cutting tools, grinding wheels are an important factor. As is acknowledged to all, before 2007, Europe and Japan adopted traditional grinding techniques and high-temperature resin bonded diamond grinding wheels. However, too much grinding heat was produced that processing efficiency and the surface quality of cutting tools. In 2007, Europe began to make improvement in grinding machines and diamond grinding wheels. Meanwhile, MORESUPEHARDdeveloped flute-bond which adopted metal bonding agents and improved flute processing techniques of cemented carbide cutting tools. 


Despite the fact that the processing efficiency of high-temperature resin bonded grinding wheels is lower than metrox grinding wheels, the former have a high bonding strength, short production cycle and low processing costs. Besides that, high-temperature resin bonded grinding wheels are capable of being made into different shapes according to specific demand, and have been used widely and for a long time. Consequently, how to further improve their grinding performance has become an essential task.


With the rapid development of design , manufacture, and technologies of cutting tools as well as the continual increase in the output, currently, high-temperature resin bonded grinding wheels cannot meet the demand of production in bulk. Further research will be done to improve their grinding performance, especially for wear resistance of bonding agents, bonding strength between bonding agents and diamond abrasives, and self-sharpening performance. Experiments indicate that the grinding efficiency of improved grinding wheels has risen by 20%, and the service life of grinding wheels has been improved by approximately 50%.

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