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PCBN Tools Solution

PCBN Tools Solution

Application Materials:Hardened steel, heat and abrasive resistant steel, high manganese steel, superalloy,high strength cast iron

Machining Workpiece: HSS rolls, ball screw, wind power bearings,hardened steel gears, mold, bearings,gears, gear shaft, hardened mold,high hardness component, car ball cage

Inserts Model:TNGA160416, TNGN,RNGN090300, CNMN, SNMN, RCGX and customized PCBN inserts, etc

Alias: PCBN Inserts, Hard Turning Inserts
Application: bearing, gears, mold, ball screw, etc
e-mail: sales@moresuperhard.com

Application Cases of PCBN Inserts

1. PCBN Inserts for hard turning medium shell of automotive ball cage

PCBN Insert for hard turning medium shell of automotive ball cage
TNGA 160416 CBN inserts Workpiece Medium Shell of Automotive Ball Cage
Materials and Hardness Hardened Steel, 52-58HRC
Inserts Model TNGA160416 CBN Inserts
Cutting Parameters Vc=150m/min, ap=0.25mm, fr=0.12mm/r
Roughness Ra 0.8
Processing Method Heavy Intermittent Cutting
Machine EMAG Germany
Coolant Method Dry Turning
CBN Materials Selected Insert Average tool life(pieces/tip)
Sumitomo PCBN TNGA160416 CBN Inserts 120
More PCBN TNGA160416 CBN Inserts 260
Other sizes can be made according to customers' requirement. Sales@moresuperhard.com

PCBN Tools Solution
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