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Thermal Spray Coating Industry

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thermal spray coating

More SuperHard provides a full range of thermal spray coating solution and service which includes OD grinding, inside grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and polishing, cutting tools for thermal spray coating,etc.   We have been present on the Thermal Spraying Coating industry for over 10 years . Our resin diamond wheels for HVOF carbide coating has enjoyed wide popularity in Canada, Turkey, Dubai, etc. Our products cover cylindrical resin diamond wheels , diamond internal grinding wheels and flexible diamond sand belts.

Thermal spraying is an industrial coating process that consists of a heat source (flame or other) and a coating material in a powder or wire form which is literally melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high velocity. Thermal sprayed coatings uniquely enhance and improve the performance of the component.Thermal spraying can provide thick coatings (thickness range from 20 microns to several mm), over a large area at high deposition rate as compared to other coating processes such as electroplating, physical and chemical vapor deposition.

thermal spraying coating processing

Thermal Spray Technologies Include

Flame spray (wire,rod,powder), Arc spray, Plasma spray (includes atmosphere controlled plasma spray), HVOF (high velocity oxygen and fuel spray) or HVAF(high velocity air and fuel spray), Detonation Spray, Cold spray

Cylindrical grinding , Resin diamond wheels to grind hard coated cylindrical parts

MORE SUPERHARD resin diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding and finishing carbide coated rollers, printing roll, ceramics, wear parts and others hard coated materials. At present, our diamond wheels can reach up to 43 inch ( 1100 mm) diameter.

400mm resin diamond wheel34 inch resin diamond grinding wheel50mm thickness resin diamond wheel

Polishing HVOF coated, diamond and CBN sand belts

MORE SUPERHARD diamond sand belts are used for polishing carbide roll, hydraulic rod, polishing Paper dryer, Ceramic materials, Synthetic Material, Hard Alloy and others hard coated materials. Our flexible diamond tools include, electroplated (plated) diamond & CBN belts and resin diamond and CBN belts.

electroplated diamond beltsresin diamond sand beltsdiamond grinding disc

Inside grinding , Diamond grinding wheels for internal grinding

Resin diamond internal wheels are used for inside grinding hard coated workpieces

diamond internal grinding wheeldiamond honing stonediamond CBN honing stick

Morsuperhard have rich grinding experience on thermal spray coating, we can produce vitrified diamond grinding wheel,resin diamond grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel for  grinding and polishing thermal spray coating( tungsten carbide,chromium carbide, chromium oxide),ceramic,  carbide, cold and hard iron composite materials.

thermal spray coating.png     thermal.png

Cutting tools for thermal spray coating workpiece

1. Selection of turning tools for thermal spray coating workpiece

(1) when the thermal spraying layer hardness is less than HRC45, you can choose carbide tool material, linear speed optional V c =40 m/min.
(2) when the hardness of thermal spraying layer is greater than HRC45, ceramic inserts or CBN inserts can be used.. Due to poor impact resistance,ceramic cutting tools and welded composite CBN tools often used in finishing (cutting depth within 0.3mm)

(3) When the hardness of thermal spraying layer is greater than HRC55, CBN tool can have better tool life and processing efficiency.

2. Cutting parameters of  the tool when processing thermal spraying materials
(1) Carbide cutting tool
The cutting depth is usually taken as aO=0.15 ~ 0.6mm. The higher the surface hardness is, the smaller aP should be.
When finishing, AP = 0.05 ~ 0.1mm. Feed generally is F =0.1 ~ 1mm/r, fine car f should be smaller.
When the hardness of thermal spraying is HRC45-65, the linear velocity is generally Vc=10 m/min.

(2) Ceramic insertsl
The cutting depth is generally controlled within 0.2mm, and the feed f =0.1mm/r. However, the linear speed can be increased to about three times that of the original cemented carbide.
(3) CBN cutting tool
Spraying material is nickel base spraying material, spraying thickness is 2mm. Hardness HRC60.
Suitable for large allowance cutting. In rough machining, the cutting parameters are linear speed V=70m/min. Feed=0.7 0.8 mm/r, cutting depth AP =1.7mm, Finishing =120m/min,Feed 0.25 mm/r.

How to select diamond grinding wheel for thermal spray coating?

1. Abrasive : Diamond

Diamond has the features of high hardness and wear resistance, it is ideal for grinding most of coating material,especially ceramic coating and cermet coating.

2. Bond: Vitrified/Resin

Vitrified/Resin bond diamond grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency,long life,easy to dressing, high concentration and less grinding heat and blockage.

3. Grit:

Rough grinding : 100#-200#

Finish grinding:  #400-600#

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Thermal Spray Coating Industry
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