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glass wheels

X3000 , X5000, 10S cerium polishing wheel

X3000 , X5000, 10S cerium polishing wheel

cerium polishing wheels are produced according to special ingenious technology

Type: X3000, X5000, 10S polishing wheel
Applicable machine: straight , double line edger
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Application of cerium polishing wheels:

Straight Line Edger

Double Line Edger

X3000 / X5000 

The X3000, X5000 cerium polishing wheels are produced according to special ingenious technology. It’s polishing effects and life time can replace Italy quality.

ModelOD (mm)
Thickness (mm)ID
X3000, X5000 polishing 150 mm30, 35, 40 mm70, 50, 22

10S cerium polishing wheels

4 grades available

10SI: For glasses with low brightness standard such as architectural glass and part of furniture glass

10SII: For furniture glasses and technical glasses which demand high brightness

10SIII: It featured with high polishing efficiency and high brightness, mainly be used for glasses which demand an excellent brightness

10S-Blue: It has powerful cutting force,perfect brightness and high polishing efficiency, can replace Italy, Germany wheels

D (mm)
T (mm)H (mm)
10S40/60/80/120 Hemline Wheel150
30, 35, 40
70, 50, 22
10S Arris Wheel13030, 3560, 50, 22
10025, 30, 35
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