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Electroplated bond products

CBN grinding wheels for band saw blades

CBN grinding wheels for band saw blades

CBN borazon band saw grinding sharpening wheels have very long working life .Wheel is profiled to match band saw teeth. Used correctly lasts very long and gives superior finish .

Diameter: 127mm, 150mm, 203mm
band saw:Wood-Mizer (WM), Lenox, Simonds, Hakansso
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Electroplated (galvanic)CBN profile grinding wheels are specially used for bandsaw sharpening, CBN be plated on the surface of steel substrate by electroplating process to obtain accuracy profile, it ensure the high quality teeth shape.

Specification of CBN grinding wheels:

Diameters: 127mm (5 inch), 150mm (6 inch) , 203mm (8 inch)

Holes:12.7 mm, 20 mm, 25.4 mm or 31.75 mm

Mostly used CBN wheel are for band saws of following producers:

WM profiles, Mill, Simonds, Dakin-Flathers Ripper37 (22mm,19mm), Lenox, Lenox Woodmaster C, Munkfors, Fenes, Armoth, Hakansson, Ro-Ma, Wintersteiger and others...

Different wheel profiles for all kind of wood and seasons are available

* 10/30 - mostly used universal grinding wheel profile

* 9/29 - perfectly prepares band saws for winter time cutting, or cutting hard Wood

* 13/29 - wheel profile which prepares band saws for soft wood cutting

* 4/32 - wheel profile which can prepare band saws for very frozen and very hard wood cutting

* 7/34 the CBN wheels profile is recommended for hardwood

The drawing of CBN grinding wheels (galvanic wheels) for band saw blades:

CBN grinding wheel for band saw blades grinding


    CBN grinding wheels for band saw blades
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