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Electroplated bond products

Electroplated Diamond Band Saw Blades

Electroplated Diamond Band Saw Blades

The electroplated diamond band saw blades are used for cutting super hard material and brittle materials .

Edge shapes: continuous, segmented ( half moon), S
Application: monocrystalline silicon, quartz glass
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The diamond blades are available in continuous and gulleted edges. In the processing of the electroplated diamond band saw,the heating temperature of the diamond is less than 100ºC,so the damage to the diamond is very small,then the Electroplated Diamond Band Saw can also have the good long life time.

Application of diamond band saw blade

Cutting super hard material and brittle material ,such as mono crystalline silicon,polycrystalline silicon in solar energy, semiconductor and sapphire, ruby in LED field, quartz glass, silicon ingot, sapphire ingot and so on.

The specifications of diamond band saw blades

Length(mm)width(mm)thickness(mm)diamond band saw blades
3700800.6 , 0.7
4320600.5 , 0.6 , 0.7
5400600.5 , 0.6 , 0.7
other specifications can be made according to customers requirements

Edge shapes of diamond band saw blades

continuous shape diamond band saw blades


A variety of band core width available

Continuous rim design reduces the saw marks on the materials

Suitable for dry cutting hard materials , such as glass , ceramic , carbon materials and so on.

segmented shape diamond band saw blade

segmented ( half moon)

Cutting hard and brittle materials

Superior tool life and cutting ability in silicon processing

Allows greater flexibility in customizing blade edge width and pitch

Serrated diamond band saw blade


Wide width band saw blades possible

Cutting difficult to cut materials

Reduced -loading saw tooth design encourages chip evacuation

continuous diamond coated band saw blade for cutting graphite materials


    Electroplated Diamond Band Saw Blades

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