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PDC Cutter

PDC Cutter

PDC is mainly applicable for PDC drilling bit for drilling into soft and intermediate-hardness stratum.

Alias: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact, PDC Inserts
Application: petroleum, oil field PDC bits

PDC cutters (Polycrystalline Diamond Composite) are consist of polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high temperature and pressure.

Application of PDC cutters

PDC cutters are widely used for petroleum and oil field PDC bit, geological PDC exploration bits, gas exploration bits, PDC coal mining drill bits. PDC is mainly applicable for PDC drilling bit for drilling into soft and intermediate-hardness stratum.

Advantages of PDC cutters

* New cutting surfaces will appear during the course of abrasion, which keeps effective cutting rocks

* high strength, high hardness and high wearing property of diamond layer as well as good self-sharpening

* PDC drilling bit made of such PDC will break up rocks depending on shearing action when it works, which is more effective than crushing of rocks by roller cone bit or plowing and grinding of rocks by diamond impregnated bit

* The serrate structure combination between polycrystalline diamond layer and hard alloy substrate allows more fixed combination between the two layers and more impact resistance of the whole PDC.

The specifications of PDC cutter for oil drilling bits

PDC Rock Cutter for Oil Well Drilling Bits
PDC-Fproduct numbersize

PDC-F cutter

D (mm)H (mm)
PDC - F (flat cutter ):The flat surface combines small specification size to be applicable to PCD auger to protect through area, with other drill not into the use, such as measure tool etc.
PDC - CProduct numbersize

PDC-C cutter

D (mm)H (mm)
PDC-C (claw cutter):The teeth of a saw type combines. The increment concludes to match of the strength reduced interface in response to the dint. The usage takes directive. The medium etc. anti- impact uses thicker diamond grain, the increment drills into the efficiency. Diamond layer 1.2 -2.0 MM can be provided as choice. Apply softer geologic strata.
PDC - SProduct numbersize

PDC-S cutter

D (mm)H (mm)
PDC-S(streng the ned daw):The wreath form combines central part to take several teeth of a saw type to have directive but not easy confirmation to have stronger anti- sex to pound at function to bear to whet sex senior high school etc. the diamond grain apply medium soft bear to whet geologic strata, diamond layer 1.5 -2.5 MM can be provided as choice.
PDC - GProduct numbersize

PDC- G cutter

D (mm)H (mm)
PDC-G (great strengthened claw)Three layers of complicated structure, biggest of reduce internal help dint, take to drill into the direction, high anti- impact, be applicable to more complicated geologic strata, medium thick diamond grain, have good of comprehensive function, diamond layer 2.0 - 3.0 MM can be provided as choice.
PDC-(C S C)-RProduct numbersize

PDC -R cutter

D (mm)H (mm)
PDC-(C S C)-RCan choose a variety to combine a way, empress the department present a semicircle type, being applicable to just body auger.

More SuperHard can also provide sufficient quantity Silver nickel shim for brazing and dressing PDC cutters

Silver nickel shim placed under the PDC cutters

silver nickel shim for brazing PDC cutters

Application Cases Of PDC cutters

* 120 pcs PDC cutters and shim have sent to Abu Dhabi client

products name

1308 PDC cutters and silver nickel shim

Application of PDC cuttermilling Iron Sulphate Scale , Cement and Plugs
application of shimbrazing PDC cutters

product photo show

1308 PDC cutters

* 400 pcs PDC cutters have sent to American client

1308 domed type PDC cutterPDC cutters type1308 domed type PDC cutter
Applicationconcrete pavement milling

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PDC Cutter
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