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Auto Processing Industry

2018.07.23More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd1901

More SuperHard can provide you superabrasive tools for machining engine, chassis and transmission components in automotive industry .The processed auto parts include,cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, transmission case, gearbox shaft, clutch housing, brake disc and drum, aluminum wheel and pressure, etc

More SuperHard supports the automotive industry with superabrasive products , such as CBN grinding wheels for crankshaft and camshaft grinding, vitrified cbn slotting wheel, resin bond grinding disc for auto parts,diamond dressing rolls, CBN internal grinding wheel, diamond CBN honing stone, electroplated metal CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft, CBN grinding wheel for valve, resin bond grinding wheel for brake plate processing, PCD and PCBN supported and PCD PCBN CVD cutting tools, etc

automotive engine machining

Engine parts grinding

Crankshaft  grinding

Moresuperhard can provide vitrified CBN grinding wheel and vitrified aluminium oxide grinding wheel,  Electroplated CBN Wheel for rough,semi-finish and finishc  grinding crankshaft.

 vitrified CBN wheel for crankshaft grindingelectroplated CBN grinding wheel for rough crankshaft

Camshaft grinding

Vitriifed/ electroplated  CBN grinding wheels with high speed (the maximun reach 160m/s ) and high precision control standard can equip with various high precision CNC crankshaft/ camshaft grinding machines. Vitrified CBN grinding wheel is  suitable for high efficient, heavy grinding of crankshaft pin grinding, journal grinding.

vitrified diamond grinding wheel for camshaft grinding camshaft grinding

Engine valve grinding

-Vitrified CBN grinding wheel for Engine Valve

Moresuperhard provide elcetroplated /vitrified / metal CBN grinding wheel Vitrified CBN grinding wheel can used for the main parts of valve include: Valve cut off grinding,valve shaft centerless grinding, valve head & seat grinding, valve groove & tip raduis grinding,valve stem end grinding and valve seat grinding.

 engine valve grindingresin CBN wheel for valve valve grinding

Hydraulic tappet grinding

-CBN internal grinding wheel for hydraulic tappet of automobile motor

Moresuperhard can provide 1A1,1A8,1A1W,1B1 CBN internal grinding wheel with shank and without shank. CBN internal grinding wheel with high efficiency, good workpiece consistency and long life time, are used for hydraulic tappet of automobile motor .

 Hydraulic tappet grindingCBN internal grinding wheel internal grinding wheel for Hydraulic tappet

Rotor slot grinding 

-Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheel for Rotor Slot

Vitrified bond CBN Groove Grinding wheels is suitable for rotary vane compressor, steering pump, vane pump rotor groove grinding, drive shaft grooving and other industries and after grooving molding grinding.

Rotor slot grindingRotor slot grindingRotor slot grinding

Cylinder block and connecting rod grinding

-Diamond /CBN honing stick for cylinder block and connecting rod grinding

Moresuperhard provide diamond /CBN honing stick for cylinder block and connecting rod grinding,metal diamond and CBN honing stone with are available for precision bore finishing in industrial applications using Sunnen, Nagel, Belden, AccuCut, Engis, and other types of high-production honing equipment.

diamond honing stone for cylinder honingCylinder block connecting rod grinding

-Diamond /CBN honing stickCylinder block honing 

Bearing grinding

-Diamond & CBN double sided grinding disc

Moresuperhard can provide vitrified diamond and CBN  double disc grinding wheel for lapping and polishing bearing outer ring or inner ring.

IMG_1814.jpg2022071357019741.jpgdouble-sided grinding..JPG

-Diamond and CBN internal grinding wheel

Moresuperhard offer a full range of abrasive tools including vitrified diamond and CBN,  sintered corundum internal grinding wheel  with shank and eithout shank for grinding the bores of inner rings and the machining of outer ring races, also used for high precision grindin ggear bore .

internal grinding wheel  bearing grinding

Diammond dresser tool

Diammond dresser toolDiammond dresser toolDiammond dresser tool

Automobile glass grinding 

More Superhard provide diamond tools for automobile glass from cutting to polishing, can provide:

* Diamond scribing wheel fpr scribing zuromibile glass

* Diamond core drill bits (include straight shank drill,cone shank drill threaded shank drill) for glass drilling bore

* Metal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel 

Diamond scribing wheelDiamond core drill bitsMetal Diamond pencil edge grinding wheel

PCD, PCBN and MCD cutting tools for grinding piston, wheel hub and other auto parts

Moresuperhard PCD tools are successfully used in many automobile and engineering industries for milling and grooving aluminum and Non-Ferrous materials. PCD mold milling cutter is used for rough,fine machining of piston pin hole,hole and chamfer at the bottom of the hole. PCD end milling cutter for rough finish machining piston top platform.PCD grooving /slot cutter for finishing machining ring grooves, etc.

Automotive aluminum parts such as: cylinder block and cylinder head requires high-abrasion resistant diamond tools such as PCD inserts, PCD end mills, PCD ball mills and PCD drills.

PCD PCBN MCD cutting tools for auto part machiningPCD wheel hub turning tools PCD Boring Bar

cutting tools for automobile partsPCD grooving tools for piston processing  PCD Grooving  Tool


Auto Processing Industry
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