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Wood Working Tools Industry

2018.07.23More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd1300

woodworking tools grinding

More SuperHard has huge experience in the woodworking tools grinding and sharpening, such as top and face grinding circular saws, band saw blades sharpening , cutters and chain saw sharpening, etc.

Our range of woodworking tools grinding wheels include, diamond & CBN wheels for circular saw grinding , cbn grinding wheels for band saw sharpening and superabrasive wheels for chain saw , etc . Our customer includes over 2000 end-users both home and abroad.

Circular saw sharpening

In the woodworking tools, various carbide tools have dominated. Our resin diamond wheels are used for top , face and side grinding of tungsten carbide circular saw (TCT). Such as,Top and face grinding, 4A2、6A2、6A9、12A2 ...... Side grinding, 1A1、3A1、4A1 ...... ( * For more drawings of diamond wheels, please click here http://www.moresuperhard.com/Grinding-Wheel-Shapes/  )

Meanwhile, our Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used for profile grinding , PCD circle saw and cold saw sharpening, etc

4A2 resin diamond grinding wheel4B2 resin diamond wheel11B2 resin diamond grinding wheel

Band saw sharpening,Chain Saw sharpening

MORE SUPERHARD electroplated(galvanic)CBN profile grinding wheels are specially used for band saw sharpening. Applicable band saw brands include, WM Profiles, Dakin-Flathers Ripper37 (22mm,19mm), Lenox, Hakansson, and others... The diamond and CBN chain saw sharpening wheels have good surface finish and long life. The applicable machines includes, oregon, Stihl, Tecomec, Timbertuff, Jolly, Maxx,Franzen, Foley, Northern, Maxx, SIlvey, Franzen and others

CBN grinding wheel for band saw sharpeningCBN grinding wheel1F1 resin CBN grinding wheel for chain saw


Wood Working Tools Industry
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