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CNC Tools Grinding Industry

2018.07.23More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd2497

CNC tool grinding More SuperHard provides a line of solution and services for ultra performance tools grinding on CNC machines.Our services include fluting, gashing clear edge and relief angle, OD grinding of the tungsten carbide, HSS, milling cutter, reamer and drill, etc

Our Diamond and CBN wheels are available in resin bond and hybrid bond. The applicable machines include,Walter, Anca, Ewag, Vollmer, Rollomatic, Schutte, Schneeberger, Makino, TG-5, Stuer, Strausak, Cininnati, Griffo, Huffmann, Jungner

CNC tool grinding wheel, fluting, gashing and relief angle

Fluting wheel. 1A1, 1V1, 14A1...

Fluting time consuming operation is significantly reduced, extremely high stock removal and very low energy consumption

diamond flute grinding wheel for carbide tools14A1 diamond grindig wheel1V1 diamond grinding wheel

Gashing wheel. 1V1, 12V9 , 14V1...

The gashing wheel with  free cutting characteristics high stock removal, excellent surface qualiy and superior tool edge quality

1V1 diamond wheel12V9 diamond wheel12V9 diamond wheel

Relief angle grinding.11V9, 11A2...

Relief grinsing wheel with free cutting characteristics, excellent edge quality, high stock removal at second relief and optimization for relief grinding

11v9 diamond grinding wheel11A2 diamond grinding wheel11V9 diamond grinding wheel

Fluting wheel for drills. 1F1, 14F1. Hybrid diamond grinding wheel

fluting time consuming operation is significantly reduced ,extremely high stock removal ,negligible heat generation and good surface finish.

Hybrid wheels ensure higher material removal without compromising on the surface finish, while ensuring considerable reduction in cycle times. these wheels can be used for both fresh tool manufacturing and re-sharpening, on cnc tool and cutter grinders

1F1 diamond wheel14F1 diamond wheelhybrid diamond grinding wheel

Application cases of CNC tools grinding wheels

diamond flute wheel OD relief grinding wheel

end relief diamond grinding wheel end gash diamond wheel


CNC Tools Grinding Industry
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