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Mono Crystal Diamond Tools

The mono-crystal diamond tools can achieve excellent cutting edge by grinding

Alias: Mono Crystal Diamond Tools, MCD Tools
Application: Ultra-Precision Processing
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The mono-crystal diamond tools can achieve excellent cutting edge by grinding . And the surface finish can reach 0.025 micron or higher. Mono-crystal diamond tools are often used for machining high - precision parts with mirror finish.After processing, generally do not need to grinding,polishing and other subsequent processes.

Advantages of MCD cutting tools

* High hardness and wear resistance

* It will be not easily sticking the cutter

* High efficiency and low cost

* To obtain a higher surface finish

Types of Mono crystal diamond cutting tools

Mono-crystal chamfering cutter  Mono crystal carving cutter  Mono crystal milling cutter  Mono crystal turning cutter

* Other types and specifications can be produced according to customers’ requirement

Applications of mono crystal diamond cutting tools

3C electronic product

shells and panels for clock , mobile phone, copper aluminum products, mobile phone copper buttons CD lines, acrylic , PC panel decoration

mono crystal diamond cutting tools

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Optical glass processing

optical lens, contact lens, optical storage reading head

precious metal processing

gold, silver, platinum products of carving processing

Precision mechanical parts, aviation industry, medicine industry and other ultra-precision industry
Mono Crystal Diamond Tools
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