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Roll machining with solid CBN

2018.08.27More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd46

Rolls are almost universally used in every manufacturing process in the world. the roll is the main part of the rolling machine, will often add some metal element (such as chromium, nickel ... ) in the processing in order to make sure the usage lifetime and obtain the rolls durability. the materials of the rolls include, cast steel roll, cast iron roll, carbide roll and ceramic roll, etc.

Cutting Parameters Of Roll Turning

During roll turning, cutting edge is to retain its sharpness over an extended period. It is also required to retain the toughness of the insert so that there is no failure of the tool on account of turning large roll diameters.

Roll MaterialHardness (HS)Cutting Conditions
V (m/ min)F (mm/ Rev)D (mm)
carbideHRA81-865 - 300.1 - 0.30.1 - 0.5
high speed steelOver 8520 - 500.1 - 0.30.1 - 2.5
high speed steel70 - 8550 - 800.1 - 0.40.1 - 3.0
die steelHRC 55 - 6260 - 1200.1 - 0.30.1 - 0.5
Ni Grain Iron70 - 8540 - 1000.1 - 0.50.2 - 3.0
High Chromium Iron70 - 8540 - 1000.1 - 0.50.2 - 3.0
Chilled Iron
65 - 8540 - 1000.1 - 0.50.2 - 3.0
Nodular Iron40 - 7050 - 1200.1 - 0.50.3 - 3.0
Steel Based Adamite40 - 6050 - 1300.1 - 0.50.2 - 3.0

The tool materials for machining rolls include carbide insert, ceramic inserts and cbn inserts. CBN insert is the hardest tool material for the processing ferrous metal materials and is the preferred tool for heavy duty cutting rolls.

More SuperHard company PCBN inserts have excellent performance, high fracture toughness and cutting edge strength , good balance of wear and fracture resistance in processing gray cast iron,nodular cast iron,hardened steel and sintered metal, etc.

HSS roll machining case

HSS roll machining

Workpiece: HSS High Speed Steel RollRCMX 120700 solid CBN

Position: Roll Slot

Hardness: HSD 80

Solid CBN Model: RCMX 120700 YS10010

Cutting Type: Dry Cutting

Cutting Parameter: AP=1.7mm, Fr=0.2mm,Vc= 70m/min

Inserts MaterialsTool LifeCutting depthSpeed (m/min)
Solid CBN24 slots/ edge1.7 mm70
Carbide Inserts6 slots/ edge0.6 mm16
Tool life of solid CBN is 4 times that the carbide inserts. The efficiency improve 6 times

cast iron roll machining case

cast iron roll machining

Workpiece : Cast Iron RollRNMN solid CBN

Hardness: HSD80

Solid CBN Model: RNMN251000

Cutting Type: Dry Cutting

Cutting Parameter: AP=4mm, Fr=0.5mm, Vc=55m/min

The tool life of solid CBN is 6 times that of ceramic inserts.

More SuperHard company solid cbn inserts for machining roll include, RCMX060500, RCMX090700, RCMX120700, RNMN090700, RNMN120700, RNMN201000, SNMN090308, SNMN120712,SNMN150704, etc. other tools for machining roll, such as pcd notching, ceramic inserts and cbn notch insert, etc

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