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The International Thermal Spraying Seminar ITSS' 2018

2018.09.27More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd60

The 21st International Thermal Spraying Seminar ( ITSS' 2018) was held on 25th~28th September 2018 in Tianjin, a beautiful historical city in China.For the purpose of introducing overseas advanced thermal spraying technology and accelerating the closer cooperation and information exchange at home and abroad, The conference invited well-known domestic and foreign thermal spray companies and experted, to introduce the latest developments and latest products of thermal spray technology at home and abroad. Looking forward to the development and application trends of thermal spray in the new century

Saint - Gobain Flame Spray systems and application with metal wires, ceramic rods and unique flexicord

thermal spray

Plasma Sprayflame sprayoverlay

* Thermal barrier coating

* Friction resistancecoating

* Abradable

* Etch-resistant coating

* Dieiectric coating

* Anticorrosion

* Wear resistance

* Anti-fretting

diffusion barrier

* Anticorrosion

* Wear resistance

Oerlikon Metco Papid - Alloy-Development platform and the coating introduction

thermal spray

Particle Hardness (300gf): >500- 600Hv
Adhesion: >9000 psl (ASTM C633)
Melting Temperature: 2012°F
Porosity: 8%
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Application: boiler water cooling wall, section gas pipe, superheater pipe, ash blower component, cyclone separator inlet

United Coatings Technologies. Artificial intelligence and thermal spray R &D

thermal spraythermal spray

Field visit to the aircraft and accessories

aircraft and accessories

More SuperHard company provides a full range of thermal spray coating solution and service which includes OD grinding, inside grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and polishing, etc.We have been present on the Thermal Spraying Coating industry for over 10 years . Our resin diamond wheels for HVOF carbide coating has enjoyed wide popularity in Canada, Turkey, Dubai, etc. Our products cover cylindrical resin diamond wheels , diamond internal grinding wheels and flexible diamond sand belts.

diamond tools for thermal spray coating

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