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Applications of PCD Cutting Tool

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pcd inserts, pcd cutting tool

The advantages of PCD cutting tools, PCD inserts

* Long Tool Life. Because of their high uniform hardness and wear resistance, PCD cutting tools resist chipping or cracking, therefore, their tool life is generally predictable. The rate of wear at the cutting edge is far slower than of cemented tungsten carbide tools. Reduced tool wear result in holding closer tolerances on work pieces, requiring fewer tool adjustment.

* Cutting Tough, Abrasive Material. PCD cutting tools are designed to machine tough, abrasive nonferrous and nonmetallic materials faster and at a lower cost than cemented tungsten carbide or single-crystal mined-diamond tools. The sharp cutting edge shears the chip cleanly and reduces the friction force of the chip sliding over the rake surface of the tool.

* High Quality Parts. The sharpness of PCD blank tools results in an efficient cutting action which consistently produces better part accuracy and geometry and results in less scrap being produced. The need for part inspection is greatly reduced.

* Fine Surface Finishes. PCD cutting-tool blank are polished and ground to obtain a very keen cutting edge which produces a very effective cutting action. These tools produce consistently good surface finishes throughout a production run without cutting edge wear or chipping, which would affect the surface finish. PCD cutting tools do not produce the ultrafine surface finishes possible with single-point mined diamond tools. however, a finish as fine as 5 micron has been obtained under special conditions.

* Reduced Machine Downtime. Because PCD tools are very hard and maintain a keen cutting edge for long production runs, there is less time required to index, change, or recondition the cutting tool. This also eliminates the need to adjust tool positions and, in many cases, the need for compensation, devices. This results in less machine downtime, which reduces the machining time for each part.

* Increased Productivity. A combination of all the advantages that PCD tools offer, such as increased speeds and feeds, long tool life, longer production runs, improved size control, consistent part quality, and savings in labor costs, or all have an effect on overall production rates and the manufacturing cost per piece.

The applications of PCD cutting tools, PCD inserts

PCD Cutting Tool

Nonferrous Metals

Nonmetallic Materials


PCD cutting tools



Brass Alloy

Copper Alloy

Lead Alloy

Manganese Alloy

Silicon - Aluminum



Tungsten Carbide


Zinc Alloy











Various Plstics



Filled Carbons

Filled Nylon

Filled Phenolic

Filled P.V.C

Filled Silica

Filled Teflon

The working parameters of PCD cutting tools

Material Aluminum Alloy

Cutting Speed

Feed Rate

D.O.C In mm

Ft / min

m / min

In / rev

Mm / rev

( 4 - 8% Si)

( 9 - 14% Si)

( 15 - 18% Si)

Copper Alloys

4200 - 6500

3300 - 5200

1000 - 2300

900 - 3000

1280 - 1980

1000 - 1580

305 - 700

300 - 1000

0.004 - 0.025

0.004 - 0.020

0.004 - 0.015

0.002 - 0.006

0.10 - 0.63

0.10 - 0.50

0.10 - 0.40

0.05 - 0.15

0.1 -4.0

0.1 -4.0

0.1 -4.0

0.005 -2.0

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