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The 3rd International Carbon Materials Conference & Exposition

2018.12.14More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd34

The 3rd International Carbon Materials Conference & Exposition held from 12.11 - 13, 2018 at Shanghai international procurement exhibition center, China.    

International Carbon Materials Conference

The theme of the conference is “The Integration and Innovation of Carbon Materials and Strategic Emerging Industries”. Focusing on four major application fields of new energy, future transportation, new generation of information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing, units such as carbon material companies, research institutes, investment institutions and third-party service platforms will jointly plan the future layout of carbon materials industry in strategic emerging industries and explore the application bottlenecks of graphene and carbon nanomaterials, carbon fiber and its composites, diamond, carbon-based films, and traditional carbon materials (such as carbon black, porous carbon, graphite, specialty graphite, etc.) in the field of lithium, capacitors, photovoltaic, semiconductor, optoelectronic display, sensors, general aviation, future transportation, marine engineering equipment, etc., in order to point out the way for technological innovation of carbon materials and overcome the application problems of carbon materials.

Carbon -Tech conference


speaker of Carbon Materials Conference

More detailed conference information, please click the following modules to browse

* Graphene and carbon nanomaterials modules

* Carbon fiber and its composite material modules

* Diamond and carbon film material modules

* Traditional carbon material modules

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