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How is the world's fastest motorcycle processed?

2019.03.29More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd22

How is the world's fastest motorcycle processed?

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (TYO:7012) is a Japanese heavy industry company. Kawasaki Heavy Industries started its business in the Meiji Restoration era and has a heavy business as its main business. It has a historical relationship with JFE Steel (formerly Kawasaki Steel) and Kawasaki Steamship. It mainly manufactures aerospace, railway vehicles, construction heavy machinery, electric bicycles, ships, machinery and equipment.


Kawasaki's H2R: When it comes to performance cars, you have to have very eye-catching data. There are 2 here, and the first speed can run 180km/h and the speed can break 400km/h. The plane on the road, the second minute of the second car can be a pair of wings, or else it can really take off.


In this time, all the manufacturers are still immersed in the number of 200, Kawasaki secretly exerted power, directly increased the power output by 50%, and pushed the horsepower directly to 300. Kawasaki said that he would no longer play Altman with you. The H2R development brings together top technologies in all areas of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, including Gas Turbine Machinery Company, Aerospace Company and Corporate Technology Division.


The maximum horsepower output to the Kawasaki H2R is a 998CC centrifugal turbocharged water-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine. The engine's research and development has received a lot of technical assistance from the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Aerospace Division, which is equivalent to a horsepower of 300 horsepower for a 1L displacement engine. The production process requirements for the engine are very high.


Looking at the frame: Officials claim that H2R will focus on all-round performance while focusing on high-speed capabilities. The H2R is more like a traditional road sports motorcycle with a short wheelbase design. This shows that H2R will not only be a straight line but will be a good performance. The following describes the Kawasaki H2R using the technology of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.


The robotic arm is the most widely used automated mechanical device in the field of robotics. It can be seen in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, entertainment services, military, semiconductor manufacturing and space exploration. Kawasaki's robotic arm is one of the best in the industry, and many of the world's first-class factories are buying Kawasaki's robotic arms.


The robotic arm requires high positional accuracy and is controlled by advanced calculation methods. For the welding of high-performance and high-precision frames, the requirements for the robot arm are very high. Kawasaki is a pioneer in robotics in Japan and has more than 40 years of experience in the field of industrial robots - this is an official introduction.

7_副本.jpg  8_副本.jpg

Turbine Impeller It is one of the main components of aero engines, gas turbines and steam turbines, automobiles, and marine turbochargers.


The turbine wheel must be machined with a 5-axis machine. This 5-axis machine is a tall thing. The technical content is very high. When it comes to machine tool Germany is the first, followed by Japan.


After production, high-precision measurements are also required. This impeller is already a piece of art, with perfect line contours, textured luster, and can withstand high pressure and high temperature during work.


Now to the most important part! It is the engine. The key to H2's high-precision production is to achieve its incredible acceleration – this is the official statement


Honing: The dressing of the surface of a workpiece that needs to be finely machined by using a honing stone on a honing head is also called honing. The plane, the outer circumference, the spherical surface and the tooth surface of the workpiece can also be processed by the honing machine technology.


The last process is the visual inspection of the craftsmen of Kawasaki. This can only be said to be the soft power of the people's enterprises. It is impossible to train a skilled craftsman for 10 years.


The engine is installed manually using experienced veterans from Kawasaki. We often say the same accessories for the same car, but there are obvious differences between the good master and the general master, not to mention a high-precision engine.


Kawasaki asked to check the accuracy of each gear, how many gear sets a motorcycle has, and one gear measurement, the workload is still very large.


Kawasaki uses its own aviation technology. The main features of planetary gear transmission are small size, large carrying capacity and stable operation. However, the high-power high-speed planetary gear transmission structure is complicated and requires high manufacturing precision.


When launching 14,000 rpm, it is actually the maximum speed of the red line.


This round of growth is now 16,000 rpm.


The above is the production process of Kawasaki H2R. The most important engines and frames are supported by Kawasaki's own technology. It can only be said that there is still a long way to go before we can make a difference between domestic and foreign people. Not only in hardware technology, but also the craftsmanship of others is worth learning. When a company can measure every gear, what other cars are not good.

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