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What are the factors effect the quality of diamond dicing blade?

2022.05.18More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd29

Dicing blade is generally made of synthetic resin, copper, tin, nickel, etc., as a binder combined with artificial diamond, which is mainly divided into two categories: with hub type and hubless type to dice, cut, or groove semiconductor wafers, silicon, glass, ceramic, crystal, and many other types of semiconductor-related materials.

wafer dicing.jpg

1. Influence of diamond particle size

(1) Large diamond particles: 

A. Large blade edge and much removed debris, the product is not easy to silicon powder accumulation precipitation

B. The contact surface with the binder is large, can withstand resistance, high processing efficiency and not easy to wear

C. The contact surface with the binder is small, can bear small resistance, low processing efficiency and easy to wear.

(2) Small diamond particles:

A. Small contact range with the product, small debris and collapse or even no collapse;

B. The blade edge is small, the removed debris is less, and the product is easy to silicon powder deposition;

C. The contact surface with the binder is small, can bear small resistance, low processing efficiency and easy to wear.

2. Influence of blade binder strength

1) High strength binder: strong toughness, not easy to break and high utilization rate; strong wear resistance, weak blade regeneration ability; large resistance, slow feed speed and low efficiency

2) Low strength binder: small resistance, fast feed speed, high efficiency; easy to wear, strong blade regeneration ability, good product quality; weak toughness, easy to break and low utilization rate.

3. Influence of particle concentration ratio

1) High concentration ratio: there are many blade edges and removed debris, and the product is not easy to leave silicon powder; small diamond particle load and cutting resistance while fast progress and high efficiency; small blade edge and debris, easy to wash, quality assurance; less binder, low blade toughness, easy to break and scratch the product.

2) Low concentration ratio: more binder and high toughness, not easy to break; less blade edge, less removed debris, easy silicon powder residue; large diamond particle load and cutting resistance, slow progress and low efficiency.

4. Influence of blade thickness

1) Thick Blade: the blade vibration is small and product quality is guaranteed; the blade strength is strong and not easy to break; cutting contact area is large, large resistance and debris while feed speed is slow, easy to pollution.

2) Thin Blade: small cutting contact area and resistance, fast feed speed; small blade vibration and product quality is guaranteed; weak blade strength and easy to break.

5. Influence of blade length

1) Long blade length: long service life, weak blade strength, and slow feed speed, easy to break; large vibration, prone to deflection,S-shaped cutting.

2) Short blade length: short service life,high blade strength, fast feed speed, not easy to break; small vibration and not easy to produce deflection, good quality.

6. Influence of dicing blade cutting

The purpose of blade dicing is to expose the diamond on the blade surface, and to correct the eccentricity of the blade, the hub and flange. When the new blade is installed on the spindle and flange, although the blade is in direct contact with the top of the spindle, there is still a gap between them, which is the "eccentricity" of the blade. By grinding the blade, the diamond can not only be better exposed, but also the "concentricity" of the blade and the tool rest can be corrected. If the blade is used in the case of "eccentricity", only part of the blade works, the load is too large, easy to cause reverse knife and overload, affecting product quality.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the selection of blades with different formulations has a great influence on the processing quality and efficiency of products.

How do I choose a dicing blade?

Metal diamond dicing blade:

Main processing materials:
Electronic components, optical components, ceramic, sapphire, optical glass, quartz, BGA / WLSCP packaging.

Resin diamond dicing blade:
High elasticity and good self-sharpening
Main applications: QFN, DFN, optical glass, ceramic, BGA and gallium arsenide, etc


Hub type- Electroplated diamond dicing blade:

For cutting Silicon Wafer, GaAs, GPP, SKY, SiC,etc.

dicing blade.jpg

MORESUPERHARD is committed to providing customers with systematic grinding solutions in the semiconductor industry, and can provide the required blades and technical support for customers of the industry. We select the diamond abrasives strictly to make dicing blade has excellent cutting performance and long service life.  Advanced manufacturing technology is adopted to control the concentration of diamond abrasive and binder, which effectively reduces the probability of material edge collapse.  

Moresuperhard is ultra precision dicing blade supplier, we manufacture resin/metal/electroplated diamond dicing blade for scribing wafer. Moresuperhard diamond dicing blade can match different brands dicing machine.

If you need diamond dicing blade, all size are avaliable, you can contact our sales manager julia([email protected]) to talk in detail.

---EDITOR: Julia Zhang, Doris Hu

---POST: Doris Hu


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