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MLED Industry Survey China Tour-Jiangsu/Anhui Station Successfully Concluded

2023.03.07More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd94

From February 27th to March 4th, the 2023 second quarter MLED industry research trip to China-Jiangsu/Anhui station sponsored by ICVD was successfully completed.

The Jiangsu/Anhui companies visited in this MLED industry survey are: Lizhen Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Luohuaxin Display Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., Huaian Aoyang Shunchang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Jucan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Yuanye Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Anhui Through Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Jingzhuo Light Display Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Xinruida Technology Co., Ltd., Hanbo High-tech Materials ( Hefei) Co., Ltd.

It is honor for Moresuperhard to participate this tour, we will share more details about this MLED industry.

Thanks to the above companies for their support, interaction and in-depth communication on the MLED industry research trip in China.

1. LUXSAN Technology (Kunshan) Co., LTD.

LUXSAN Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the first of the top 100 counties and a national sanitary city, adjacent to Shanghai and Suzhou. There are more than 40,000 employees. Focus on the research and development and production of intelligent networked devices and solution services as well as intelligent mobile terminal products, including the design and manufacture of industrial smart handheld devices, smart speakers, smart phones, smart peripheral products and display components, and strive to expand the company's products To the innovative market fields of Internet of Things and smart home. In May 2021, the construction of the smart terminal project in the Bacheng factory officially started, with a total investment of more than 11 billion yuan and a total area of about 837.4 acres. After full production, the estimated annual output value will exceed 100 billion yuan, which is the single investment scale introduced by Kunshan in recent years It is one of the largest benchmark projects leading industrial transformation and innovative development. Intelligent manufacturing and internationalization will become an important direction for Lizhen's future development.

On October 29, 2021, the LUXSAN Technology smart terminal project with a total investment of over 11 billion yuan started construction in Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. After full production, it is expected to have an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan.

It is reported that the smart terminal project of LUXSAN Technology is invested and constructed by Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Luxshare Precision") and landed in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of smart mobile terminal modules. The main products are smartphones. And MiniLED screen.

The project covers a total area of about 837 mu and will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project leased the factory area of Kunshan Bacheng State-owned Enterprise Chengfa Company for renovation and upgrading, covering an area of about 409 mu, with a construction area of about 183,000 square meters, and planning 14 production lines; the second phase of the project covers an area of about 428 mu, with a construction area of about 790,000 square meters, planning 25 production lines.

Lizhen Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd Lizhen Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

2. Netda. gov.cn

Netda (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established on December 30, 2019 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Located in Nantong Economic Development Zone, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and production of Mini/Micro LED new display light source and module products. The planned total investment of the project is 500 million yuan, covering an area of 50 acres, with a construction area of more than 50,000 square meters. Currently, 9 CSP lines are operating at full capacity, and the number of Mini LED backlight lines will increase to 17 within 2 years. The industrialization is in progress.

Netda currently has the world's leading manufacturing technology and an international R&D team, and has hundreds of invention patents. At present, the ultra-high-definition, super-large-screen Mini LED backlight project has been successfully shortlisted for the projects of well-known brands such as Huawei and Apple. In November 2021, the company will cooperate with domestic experts in this field on "high-resolution full-color display Micro LED chip preparation technology" to make greater contributions to local industrial restructuring and economic development. Provide the world with a new type of display light source with "China's brightness", and become a well-known enterprise in this field.

Netda.gov.con Netda.gov.con


YZZLED Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of LED high-end epitaxial wafers, chips and lighting products. Established in October 2007 with a registered capital of 338.22 million yuan, it is a central enterprise jointly funded by shareholders such as the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yangzhou Zhongke Semiconductor is located in Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 130 mu (85,000 square meters), with a construction area of 50,000 square meters, including 20,000 square meters of semiconductor process ultra-clean workshops. The company has high-end epitaxy and chip R&D and manufacturing capabilities for nitride series LEDs, and its wavelengths involve the full spectrum of visible light and ultraviolet bands. The company gives full play to the advantages of China National Building Materials Group's industrial platform and the R&D platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and relies on the integration of resources in the application fields of LED chip research and development, manufacturing core technology and healthy lighting, new display and smart agricultural supplementary light, with LED light-emitting chips, LED display applications and Focus on engineering services and expand the industrial chain. Main application sectors: ①Intelligent lighting system: Intelligent control of lighting is realized by means of wireless Internet of Things, field bus, single lamp induction, etc., with functions such as running status detection, scene linkage control, etc., and at the same time realizes secondary energy saving; ②LED central control display : Facing the central monitoring system and intelligent conference room system of enterprises and institutions, a LED central control and display system with Yangzhou Zhongke characteristics is formed; ③Lighting project: According to the characteristics of each project, innovative and customized design is made to create a green and beautiful factory area ④Facilitated agriculture fill light.



Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has continued to invest about 4 billion yuan in Huai, mainly engaged in sapphire flat wafers, PS patterned substrates, LED epitaxial wafers and chips. With a monthly output of 1.4 million 2-inch chips, its scale and comprehensive capabilities rank among the top in the country.

The company's R&D center has a R&D team composed of overseas doctors, doctors from famous domestic universities, and top talents in the industry. It has won the "Double Innovation Team" in Jiangsu Province. The products are mainly developed around high-end applications such as Mini backlight and display, plant lighting, and vehicle lights. At present, MinLED has achieved mass production and has received special funding for provincial high-end transformation and upgrading projects. Micro-LED technology is being reserved at the same time. Through continuous upgrading of products, the company has become a supplier of domestic and foreign first-line brands such as Samsung, SONY, TCL, Hisense, Tianma, BOE, China Star, AUO, Jufei, Hongli, Zhaochi, etc. Products focus on ultra-high-definition display, ultra-high light efficiency, Mini LED, and become the core supplier of backlight for TV/MNT/PAD/NB. Automotive chips are connected to first-line brands such as AUO, Hangsheng, Valeo, Xingyu, JAC, Changan, Chery, Geely, and Hyundai. 


5. Focus Light Co., LTD.

Founded in 2017, Focus is a holding subsidiary of Jucan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The joint-stock company was established in Suzhou in 2010, and landed in the Shenzhen A-share market (300708.SZ) in 2017.

The company's main products are GaN-based high-brightness LED epitaxial wafers and chips. It aims to build a single factory with the world's largest LED chip design capacity, Jucan Suqian production base. Benefiting from such factors as Jucan's refined management and production capacity release, manufacturing costs continued to decline, and product gross margins increased significantly. And accurately grasp the LED chip product positioning and market demand, the product competitiveness is strong, and it has achieved full production and full sales.

In the field of research and development, Jucan strengthens the research and development of high-end products represented by Mini/Micro LED, silver mirror flip chip, plant lighting, and visible light communication. Well-known domestic and foreign LED packaging application manufacturers such as Taiwan and China have established stable business partnerships, effectively supporting the company's performance development.

Fccus Light FCCUD.jpg

6. Anhui Yuanye Photoelectric Co., LTD

Yuan Ye Optoelectronics focuses on CSP LED, Mini LED, wide color gamut backlight and other semiconductor lighting and display fields. It is composed of optoelectronic industry experts, technical inventors, and senior product managers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. It has a number of core patents. The team established Yuanye Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in Mingguang City, Chuzhou, Anhui in 2019Q4. At present, the technical reserve of CSP OEM business for vehicles has been completed, and the technology has been recognized and cooperated by OSRAM, an international leading LED company. It is expected to complete the factory visit and quality control docking in 2022Q4, and start heavy delivery in 2023Q1.

It is understood that Yuanye Optoelectronics is the only professional team in the world that can provide wide color gamut and full-spectrum CSP LEDs, the first professional team in the world to provide white light Mini CSP backlight solutions, and the only professional team in the world that can complete the LED packaging process with self-assembly technology , and has independent patent protection capabilities, and can completely avoid international patent barriers. The all-inorganic structure CSP LED has a yield rate of 99.97%, which is the highest in the industry.

Anhui Yuanye Photoelectric Co., LTD  Anhui Yuanye Photoelectric Co., LTD

7. Anhui Cross Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD

Anhui Transit Optoelectronics continues to develop Mini/Micro LEDs. In August 2021, new display projects such as OLED materials and devices with an investment of 620 million yuan were signed and settled in Guixi, Jiangxi. And in November 2022, a new optoelectronic material and Micro LED chip and display module industrialization project with a total investment of 600 million yuan will be signed and settled in Huoqiu Modern Industrial Park, High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui. At present, its Mini LED mass transfer technology solution equipment has entered the site and is being intensively debugged.

Anhui Cross Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTDAnhui Cross Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD

8. Genrpro Co., LTD.

Anhui Jingzhuo Optical Display Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jingzhuo Optical Display) was established in 2019 as a joint venture between Anhui Dingen and OFILM. It is a company focusing on the research and development of new electronic components, optoelectronic components, and new display devices. A leading touch display company integrating production, sales and technical services, its products are widely used in consumer electronics, smart wear, commercial display, medical industrial control, vehicle and smart home and other fields.

Jingzhuo Optical Display is an industry-leading core supplier of mobile terminal product components. Based in Anhui, the company actively integrates into the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Economic Circle, and its product technology radiates to the world. The production base with a total investment of 13.5 billion yuan will become the world's leading new display and touch module base, with a total of nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign patents, of which invention patents account for about 60%. The self-developed graphic flexible transparent conductive film and its manufacturing technology (Metal Mesh) won the 16th China Patent Gold Award, and it is the first company in the industry to win this honor.

The advantages of its Mini LED backlight display technology are: high color gamut (NTSC increased by 35%+), high brightness (the module can be adjusted to 1500nit outdoors), high contrast (ultra-high dynamic contrast effect achieved through Local dimming technology), low power consumption (Local dimming reduces average power consumption by 35%+).

Genrpro Genrpro

9. Coreach Co., LTD.

Anhui Coreach Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and successfully IPO in 2020 with stock code (002983, SZ). It is the first locally cultivated A-share listed company in the field of new displays in Anhui Province. At the same time, the company is a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialized and special new small giant enterprise, and has Anhui famous trademark, Anhui specialized and special new enterprise, Anhui enterprise technology center, Anhui industrial design center, Anhui postdoctoral workstation, etc.

 Coreach insists on taking the COB route, and has a complete talent reserve. There are 4 R&D teams, with a total of more than 120 software and hardware personnel. There are packaging R&D teams, terminal R&D teams, backlight R&D teams, and innovative R&D teams. Xinruida has perfect design integration and service capabilities, including Mini-LED technology, structure, optics, drive, product 1D, software design and other comprehensive capabilities, which can support all the technical routes of the company's layout of Mini/Micro LED new displays, and realize from Packaging solution, to backlight/direct display solution, to the final all-in-one machine solution.


10. HIBR Co., LTD.

Hibr High-tech adheres to technological innovation as the development foundation of the enterprise, conforms to the direction of consumer electronics market demand and the industry technology development trend of light and thin, narrow frame, special-shaped screen, and high brightness, and has accumulated "high-dot hot-pressed light guide plate technology"" High-brightness light guide plate side-mounting technology", "backlight display module automatic intelligent assembly production technology", "LCM module automatic intelligent assembly production technology" and other core technologies.

At the same time, Hibr High-tech follows the trend of technological development and actively deploys new display technologies such as Mini-LED and OLED.

Hibr High-tech self-developed Mini-LED backlight supply chain, accumulated a number of core technologies including "optical film material", "Mini-LED light board", "adhesive group" and "structural parts", and successfully developed and designed 15.6-inch, 12.8 inch Mini-LED backlight.

Hibr High-tech has accumulated a number of core technologies including "mask plate precision regeneration", "mask plate production", "medicine solution development" and "spray technology". The OPEN MASK precision regeneration project for OLED has entered the mass production stage. The OPEN MASK manufacturing project has passed customer certification and started small batch supply.


It is understood that the core competitiveness of Hibr High-tech includes design and development, process and equipment development, improvement of supply chain, material cooperative development and one-stop production.

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