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How to choose to suitable cutting tools to your workpiece?

2021.07.12More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd15

CBN standard cutting tools, CBN inserts_副本.jpgIn order to process the workpiece reasonably and choose the milling cutter, it is necessary to analyze the shape, size, material hardness and other conditions of the workpiece. 

*Generally, when machining flat parts, end mills are used. In the processing of bosses, grooves, can choose to carbide milling cutter or HSS end milling cutter. 

*And for some three-dimensional free surface and change the bevel contour of the processing, usually use ball milling cutter, annular milling cutter, conical milling cutter and disk milling cutter. But in the free surface machining, because the end milling speed of the ball head cutter is zero, therefore, in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the milling spacing is generally very small, so the ball head cutter is often used for surface finishing. 

*The round nose tool in the surface processing quality and milling efficiency are better than the ball head cutter. Therefore, as long as the premise of ensuring but cutting, whether it is the surface of rough machining or finishing machining, should be preferred to choose the round nose cutter.

In the numerical control machining of mold parts, it is generally necessary to divide rough machining, semi-finish machining and finish machining. Rough machining selection of large cutting tools, large milling volume, the milling volume is generally in 1~5mm. Semi-finish machining than rough machining to choose a smaller tool, the milling volume is generally 0.3~1mm. And finishing according to the minimum position size of the parts to choose less than its minimum position size of the cutting tool, the milling amount is generally below 0.5mm.



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