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How to improve the work life of Diamond/CBN sand belt

2022.06.22More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd33

Abrasive belt as any other tools for cutting processing , because of the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece, it is inevitable to produce various forms of wear in the process of machining . For grinding wheel, the wear state can be changed by dressing to keep the original grinding performance. However, the abrasive belt usually has only a single layer coated with abrasive particles, which can not be dressed like the grinding wheel. If the abrasive belt is worn, it will inevitably cause the deterioration of the machining system ,shorten the work life and seriously affect the machining accuracy and surface quality.


There are three basic forms of abrasive belt wear under normal conditions: Weldbonding, shed and dull.


It refers to the residue of fine chips and sticking to the surface of the abrasive particles, which hinders the abrasive particles to continue to participate in cutting and seriously reduces the grinding ability. Sometimes, a large number of chips adhere to the chip space between the abrasive particles, that is, blockage. As the sand belt is generally not trimmed and polished, the grinding work cannot continue. In the high speed grinding of low carbon steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals sticky cover phenomenon is easy to occur.


During grinding, when the force of abrasive particles exceeds its adhesive force, the abrasive particles will fall off from the binder or together with the binder, which will form a lot of vacancies on the working surface of the belt. If the abrasive particles fall off too much, the grinding capacity of the belt will be significantly reduced or completely lost. The phenomenon of shedding is generally caused by the relative vibration of workpiece and sand belt or improper use. Of course, poor adhesive quality can also cause serious abrasion off.


Due to the repeated friction between the abrasive and the processed material, the abrasive vertex is passivated into a small plane or the breakage of the abrasive tip without cutting edge. At this time, it will not only reduce the amount of material removal, but also further increase the friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece surface, resulting in heat increase in the grinding zone and further aggravate the blunt, causing the workpiece surface burn. Especially when grinding hard alloy steel, abrasive grain passivation is more serious.

抛光。怕.png 抛光.jpg

How to prolong the work life of diamond sanding belt? Moresuoerhard has such suggestions for you :

(1) Reduce the initial wear of sand belt.

The initial wear of the diamond belt is caused by the shedding or crushing of abrasive particles. In order to reduce the initial wear, should pre-ground for a certain time with reduced contact pressure, and use it to works normally. This method can be called dressing, but it is different from the dressing of grinding wheel.

(2) Use grinding auxiliaries or grinding fluids to reduce the wear rate

Using grinding assistant or grinding fluid is to reduce the friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece, and reduce the wear heat, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the wear rate.

(3) Increase the perimeter of sand belt to reduce the sand belt application rate. The decrease of sand belt utilization rate can increase the life of sand belt. Under the conditions of machine tools and equipment, the belt circumference should be appropriately increased so that can get better cooling and increase the total number of abrasive grains involved in grinding.

(4) Increase the belt speed appropriately. That can not only reduce the surface roughness, but also reduce the breakage and wear of abrasive particles and improve the work life.

(5) Gradually improve the grinding pressure. After the diamond belt enters the normal cutting stage, gradually increasing the grinding pressure can strengthen the grinding process, increase the grinding grain cutting edge ratio pressure, make the abrasive grain broken, produce a new cutting edge recovery cutting ability, so that to improve the work life.

(6) Improve the cutting performance of sand belt itself.

Abrasive with good toughness has strong crushing resistance, thus prolonging worle life. The cutting performance of classic sand planting belt is better than that of gravity sand planting belt. Reducing the thickness of binder and density of planting sand can increase the chip space of sand belt, improve the strength of binder and make the bonding more reliable.

These measures are mainly aimed at reducing abrasive belt grinding blunt (abrasion and broken) and the main form, and for sticky lid and out of these two forms, will be to the organization of the abrasive belt to hardness and abrasive belt structure parameters, such as sand plant density control and choice to solve, at the same time can also by abrasive belt surface coated with a layer of special coating, The aforementioned supercoating is used to solve the problem of adhesive cover wear of sand belt or grinding fluid is used.


Comparison between CBN sanding belt and ordinary abrasive sanding belt

1. The hardness of CBN is much higher than that of ordinary abrasive. Therefore, it can process all kinds of high hardness and toughness materials, especially ordinary abrasive materials difficult to process.
2. CBN abrasive grinding performance is very good, not only qualified for grinding hard materials processing, improve productivity, and to strictly control the shape and dimension precision of workpiece, also can effectively improve the quality of grinding workpiece, improve workpiece surface integrity after grinding, thus increasing the fatigue strength of the parts, prolong the service life and increase the reliability.
3.CBN abrasive has less wear, long service cycle, high grinding, reasonable use can obtain good economic effect. CBN abrasives use, shape, size change is very slow, more suitable for CNC machining center processing high-precision parts.

4. CBN can keep sharp cutting edge for a long time, so the grinding force is small, which is conducive to the improvement of precision and smoothness of parts, and can also reduce the power consumption of machine tools.
5. The low grinding temperature can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece, avoid cracks, burns, organizational changes and other defects, improve the processing surface stress condition, is conducive to the extension of the service life of parts.
6. ordinary abrasive belt produces a large amount of dust in the process of manual use, which is harmful to health. Long-term use will cause "silicosis".

Moresuperhard can produce diamond & CBN sanding belt for for grinding steel, stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, zirconia, alumina, metal-nonmetallic synthetic materials, cemented carbide, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum beryllium alloy, titanium alloy and etc. hard brittle materials. Moresuperhard provide electroplated /resin diamond and CBN sanding belt , which has features of high grinding efficiency, long working life, excellence smoothness, high cost-effective, little dust and low noise.

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If you want to know more about diamodn & CBN sanding belt, you can contact Anna([email protected])to contact in detail.

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