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PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

PCD cutting tool blanks, PCD blanks

Size: 62mm pcd blanks, 58mm pcd blanks, 51mm pcd blanks, 48mm pcd blanks, etc

Type: Triangle, Cylindrical, Square, Flake, etc

Application: PCD blanks are applicable to the processing of non-metal materials as wood, ceramic,intensified planks and non-farrous material as copper and aluminum

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Alias: PCD Cutting Tool Blank, PCD Wafer, 62mm PCD Blank
Application:woodworking tools, Aluminum,copper

More SuperHard PCD cutting tool blanks in the size of 5μm、10μm and 25μm can be used in super-fine processing and fine. They are applicable to the processing of non-metal materials as wood, ceramic,intensified planks and non-farrous material as copper and aluminum. We can supply all kinds of PCD cutting tool blanks that diameter can reach 62mm

Model Product No Angle (°) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
pcd cutting tool blanks moreD30 360 30 1.6 2.0 3.2
moreD42 360 42 1.6 2.0 3.2
moreD48 360 48 1.6 2.0 3.2
moreD51 360 51 1.6 2.0 3.2
moreD58 360 58 1.6 2.0 3.2
moreD62 360 62 1.6 2.0 3.2

Note:The products can be manufactured per customer request as non-standard shapes such as rectangular, square, triangle, rhombus, sector and so on.

PCD Cutting Tool Blanks Application Recommendation

* W5 fine grain size(excellent surface finish)

Characters: Average grain size: 5μm, High diamond content over90%, Laser cutting ,wire EDM cutting

Applications:Aluminum, Brass/Copper,Precious metals, Wood composites,Plastic

* W10 medium grain size (excellent resistance, good surface finish)

Characters:Average grain size: 10μm, High diamond content over 90%, Laser cutting ,wire EDM cutting

Applications:<14% Si/Al alloys, Copper alloys, Graphite and graphite composites, Green ceramics and carbides

* W25 coarse grain size(Long life, extremely high wear resistance)

Characters:Average grain size: 25μm, High diamond contentover 90%, Laser cutting ,wire EDM cutting

Applications:14% Si/Al alloys, metal matrix composites, Bi-metals(aluminum/castiron), sintered ceramics and carbides

Application Cases Of PCD cutting tool blanks

* 58mm diameter PCD wafers Have Sent To American Clients

Product name PCD wafer fine grade PCD
Size 58 mm diameter 2 mm thickness PCD blanks
Applicable workpiece woodworking tools ( brazing the PCD to tool body then wire EDM again for final profile )

Product Photo Show

PCD cutting tool blanks, PCD wafer

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PCD Cutting Tool Blanks
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